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  1. Nwakibie
  2. Nneka
  3. Unoka
  4. Reverend Smith
  5. Obuefi Ezuego
  1. a Wealthy man, gives Okonkwo 800 yam seeds
  2. b Replaces Mr. Brown, strict and uncompromising, stereotypical white colonialist
  3. c Powerful orator in Umuofia
  4. d First woman convert of Mbanta who keeps bearing twins, not a big loss, the name is the most common and means "Mother is Supreme"
  5. e Okonkwo's lazy, gentle, and idle father, debtor, good flute player, scared of blood, failure

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  1. Ibe's father
  2. Given to Umuofia by Mbaino, Okonkwo takes care of him, establishes a strong relationship with Nwoye, Oracle says he must die and Okonkwo slashes him down
  3. Evil Spirit
  4. one of titles Okonkwo wants for Nwoye
  5. pieces of wood, Umuofian idols

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  1. EnochFanatical Christian convert, rips off the mask of an egwugwu, father is priest of the snake cult, Umuofia burns his house


  2. NdulueHeadquarters of white men on the bank of the Niger, "The Great River"


  3. NwoyeName of Okonkwo's tribal people


  4. AbameVillage who kills the first white man they see, later destroyed by whites


  5. chiEarth goddess, most important deity


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