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  1. Nwoye
  2. Okoye
  3. Agbala
  4. Ogbuefi Ezeudu
  5. Amadi
  1. a Unoka's friend, good musician
  2. b Okonwo's first wife's son, converts to Christianity after being captured by the "poetry" of the religion, renamed Isaac
  3. c Famous leper with "white" skin
  4. d Goddess of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, also means woman or man without a title
  5. e Oldest man in Umuofia, tells news from the Oracle about Ikemefuna, suddenly dies, had three of the four titles, well respected, large funeral

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  1. Stereotypical white, calls 6 Umuofian men to Umuru for a meeting, instead he puts them in handcuffs and locks them up, talks to Obierika about Okonkwo's death, decides to write a book called The ger which dehumanizes Africans to a paragraph in a book
  2. outcast
  3. Leading egwugwu of Umuofia
  4. Headquarters of white men on the bank of the Niger, "The Great River"
  5. Great man and orator of Umuofia who talks first at the meeting about the white men

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  1. EgonwanneEvil Spirit


  2. UkegbuOkonkwo's uncle who receives him into Mbanta


  3. OdukweReverend Smith's interpreter


  4. umunnaHeadquarters of white men on the bank of the Niger, "The Great River"


  5. IfejiokuObierika's father, friend of Uchendu


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