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  1. Onyeka
  2. Ekwensu
  3. Okolo
  4. usu
  5. Mbanta
  1. a outcast
  2. b Introduces Okika and rallies the Umuofians
  3. c Evil Spirit
  4. d Okonkwo's motherland
  5. e First ancester of Okonkwo and Uchendu's family

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  1. Ibe's father
  2. Obierika's daughter, marries her suitor Ibe
  3. Okonkwo's second wife, Ezinma's mother
  4. Okonkwo's lazy, gentle, and idle father, debtor, good flute player, scared of blood, failure
  5. Wife is killed by Mbaino, receives a virgin from Mbaino as his new wife

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  1. Ogbuefi EzeuduOldest man in Umuofia, tells news from the Oracle about Ikemefuna, suddenly dies, had three of the four titles, well respected, large funeral


  2. OkekeReverend Smith's interpreter


  3. ikengaObierika's father, friend of Uchendu


  4. iloone of titles Okonkwo wants for Nwoye


  5. OdukweReverend Smith's interpreter


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