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  1. Ani
  2. Ojiugo
  3. Ezinma
  4. usu
  5. iyi uwa
  1. a sacred stone which links ogbanje to spirit world, solves recurring deaths
  2. b Earth goddess, most important deity
  3. c Okonkwo's third wife
  4. d Ekwefi's daughter, an ogbanje, or a child who repeatedly dies and reenters the womb to be rebord, Okonkwo's favorite child, called "Salt" by Obiageli whom she has lots of influence over, "Crystal of Beauty"
  5. e outcast

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  1. Mgbafo's sister who says Uzowulu beat her severely
  2. Priestess of Ani, informs Okonkwo of the punishment he must fulfill for his violation of the Week of Peace
  3. Uzowulu's wife
  4. Headquarters of white men on the bank of the Niger, "The Great River"
  5. worthless man

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  1. OkikaReverend Smith's interpreter


  2. AmadiFamous leper with "white" skin


  3. Egonwanneimpersonate ancestral spirits, elders of the village


  4. Amalinze the CatFamous wrestler who Okonkwo defeated at the age of 18


  5. IguedoUzowulu's wife


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