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  1. Ekwefi
  2. Maduka
  3. Ndulue
  4. Okika
  5. obi
  1. a Great man and orator of Umuofia who talks first at the meeting about the white men
  2. b Okonkwo's second wife, Ezinma's mother
  3. c Obierika's son, wins wrestling match
  4. d living quarters of the head of the family
  5. e Oldest men in Ire village, husband of Ozoemena

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  1. worthless man
  2. Priestess of Agbala when Okonkwo was a sharecropper
  3. king of all crops
  4. Okonkwo's motherland
  5. "Our Father"

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  1. AnetoFirst woman convert of Mbanta who keeps bearing twins, not a big loss, the name is the most common and means "Mother is Supreme"


  2. Violation of Week of PeaceOkonkwo beats Ojiugo for her "negligence"


  3. AgbalaGoddess of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, also means woman or man without a title


  4. UmuachiFarthest village in Umuofia, Chielo visits it on her midnight walk with Ezinma


  5. ObiageliNwoye's arrogant sister who breaks her pot, friends with Ezinma


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