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Native American (Indian) civilization was least highly developed in

North America

Which of the following New World plants revolutionized the International economy?


The existence of a single original continent has been proved by the presence of

A.similiar mountain ranges on the various continents
B.the discovery of nearly identical species of fish in long-separated freshwater lakes of various continents
C. the discovery of marsupials on the various continents
D. the continued shifting of the earths crus

The colonists who ultimately embraced the vision of America as an independant nation had in common all of the following characteristics except

the desire to create an agricultural society

European explorers intorduced ____in the New World.


The Great ice Age accounted for the origins of North America's human history because

it explosed a land bridge connecting Eurasia with North America.

The origins of themodern plantation system can be found in the

Aftrican Slave system

Within a century after Columbus's landfall in the New World, the Native American population was reduced by nearly.


All of the following contributed to the emergence of a new interdependent global

the belief of European explorers to create new cultures

The treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadores can be described as

at times brutal and exploitative

After his first voiyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had

sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies

The flood of precious metal from the New World to Europe resulted in

the growth of capitalism

Spain began to fortify and settle its North American border lands in order to

protect its Central and South American domains from encroiachments by England

At the time of the European colonization of North America the number of Indian tribes was estimated at approximately.


The introduction of American plants around the world resulted in

rapid population growth in Europe

Which group was responsibile for salve trading in Africa long before the Europeans had arrived

the Arabs and Africans

In an effort to reach the Indies, Spain looked westward because

Muslims blocked the sea route

The European explorers who followed Columbus to North America

no longer saw themselves as subjects of European Kings

The development of "three sister" farming on the southeast Atlantic seaboard

enabled the Anasazis to prosper

Men became conquistadors because they wanted to

A) gain god's favor by spreading Christianity
B) escapte dubious pasts
C) seek adventure, as the heroes of classicla antiquity had done
D) all of the above

The Christian crusaders were indirectly responsible for the discovery of America because they

brought back news of valuable Far Eastern spices, drugs and silk

At the outset, Lord Baltimore allowed some religious toleration in the Maryland colony because he

hoped to secure freedom of worship for his fellow Catholics

By 1750, all the southern plantation colonies

A) based their economies on the production of staple crops for export
B) practiced slavery
C) provided tax support for the Church of England
D) had few large cities
E) all of the avoce

The purpose of the periodic "mourning wars" was

the avenge the deaths of Huron warriors

The English treatment of the Irish, under the reign of Elizabeth I, can best be described

violent and unjust


place holder

The result of the Second Anglo-Powhatan War of 1644 can best be described as

ending any changes of assimiliating the native peoples into Virginia Society

The colony of South Carolina prospered

by developing close economic ties with the Britich West Indies

The Indians that had the greatest opportunity to adapt to the Europrean incursion were

inland tribes such as teh Algonquians

The colony of Georgia was founded

as defensive buffer for the valuable Carolinas

Despire an abundance of fish and game, early Jamestown settlers continued to starve because

they were unaccustomed to fend for themselves and wasted time looking for gold

The attitude of Carolinians toward Indians can best be described as


Arrange in chronological order A) Reformation B) founding of Jamestown colony, C) Restoration D) defeat of the Spanish Armada

A, D, B, C,

George grew very slowly or all the following reasons except

John Oglethorpe's leadership

One of the earliest and most important exports from the Carolinas was

Indian Slaves

The biggest disrupter of Native American life was


The Iroquois leader who helped his nation revive its old customs was

Handsome Lake

Thenative peoples of Virginia (Powhatans) succumbed to the Europeans because they

A) died in large numbers from European diseases
B)lacked the unity necessary to resist the well-organized whites
C) could be disposed of by Europeans with no harm to the oclonial economy
D) were not a reliable labor sources
E) all of the above

Georgia's founders were determined to

creat a haven for people imprisoned for debt

The early years at Jamestown were mainly characterized by

starvation, disease and frequent Indian raids

After the purchases of slaves in 1619 by Jamestown settlers, additional purchases of African were few because

they were too costly.

The guarantee that English settlers in the New World would retain the "rights of Englishmen" proved to be

the foundation for American liberties

Two major exports of teh Carolinas were

rice and Indian slaves

The settlement founded in the early 1600s that was teh most important for the future United States was

Massachusetts Bay

Under the Barbados slave code of 1661, slaves were

denied the most fundamental rights.

Captain John Smith's role at Jamestown can best be described as

saving the colony from collapse

The first successful English attempt at colonization in 1585 was in

St. Augustine

The introduction of horses brought about significant change in the lives of the Lakotas from this they

became nomadic hunters

Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia were similar in that they were all

economically dependent on the export of a staple crop.

Sugar was called a rich man's crop for all of the following reasons except that it

could be purchased only by the wealthy

Some Africans became especially valuable as slaves in the Carolinas because they

were experienced in rice cultivation

The statutes governing slavery in the North American colonies originated in


Spain's dreams of empire began to fade with the

defeat of teh Spanish Armada

England's defeat of the Spanish Armada

helped to ensure Englands naval dominance in the north Atlantic

Chief Powhatan had Captain John Smith kidnapped in order to

impress Smith with his power and show the Indian's desire for peace

On the eve of its colonizing adventure, England possessed

all of the above
A) a unified national state
B) a measure of religious unity
C) a sense of nationalism
D) a popular monarch

Economically, the colony of Pennsylvania

became profitable very quickly

Unlike Separatists, the Puritans

remained members of the Church of England

After the Pequot War, puritan efforts to convert indians to Christianity can best be described as

feeble, not equaling that of the Spanish or the French

For those Africans who were sold into slavery, the "middle Passage" can be best describerd as

the gruesome ocean voyage to america

Bacon's Rebellion was supported mainly by

young men frustrated by their inability to acquire land

in seventeenth century colonial America all of the following are true regarding women except

woman had no rights as individuals.

The Half-Way Covenant

admitted to baptism but not full membership the unconverted children of existing members

During the Salem witchcraft trials, most of those accused as witches were

property owning women

African American contributions to American culture include all of the following except

the guitar

The impact of New England on the rest of the nation can best be described as

extremely important

Most immigrants to the Chesapeake colonies in the seventeenth century came as

indentured servants

The combination of Calvinism, soil, and climate in New England resulted in the people there possessing which of the following qualities

E)All of the below
C)self reliance

Urban development in the colonial South

was slow to emerge

In contrast to the Chesapeake colonies those in New England

had a more diversified economy

The expansion of New England society

proceeded in an orderly fashion

The population of the Cheapeakecolonies throughout the first half of the seventeenth century was notable for its

scarcity of women

The majority of African slaves coming to the New World

were delivered to South American and the West Indies

Puritans refused to recognize a woman's separate property rights because

they worried that such rights would undercut the unity of married persons

Slave Christianity emphasized all of the following in their faith except

the concepts of humility and obedience

____reaped the greatest benefit form the land policies of the "headright" system

Merchant Planters

When new towns were established in New England, all of the following were true except

families did not automatically receive land

As the seventeenth century wore on , regional differences continued to crystalize, most notably

the importance of slave labor in the south

As a result of Bacon's Rebillion

planters began to look for less troublesome laborers.. they felt slavery was the way to go because they were less troublesome.

Thomas Jefferson once observed that "the best school of political liberty the world ever saw" was the

New England town meeting

The Salem "witch hunt" in 1692

was the first in the English American colonies

By the end of the seventeenth century, indentured sevants who gained their freedome

had little choice but to hire themselves out for low wages to their former masters

Southern colonies generally allowed married women to retain separate title to their property because

southern men frequently died young.

Many of the slaves who reached North America

were originally captured by African coastal tribes

All of the following were consquences of the Half_Way Covernant except

it maintained the original agreement of the covenant.

After 1680, reliance on a slave labor in colonial America rapidly increased because

All the below
A) higher wages in England reduced thenumber of emigrating servants
B) Planters feared the growing number of landless freemen in the colonies
C) the British Royal African company lost its monopoly on the slave trade in colonial America
D) Americans rushed to cash in on slave trade.

As slavery spread in the South

gaps in the social structure widened

Throughout the greater part of the seventeenth century, the Chesapeake colonies acquired most of the labor they needed from

white servants

Compared with most seventeenth century Europeans, Americans lived in

affluent abundance

For their labor in the colonies indentured servants received all of the following except

a headright

In the seventeenth century, due to high death rate families were both few and fragile in

the Chesapeake colonies

While slavery might have begun in America for economi reasons

racial discrimination also powerfully molded the American salve system

The Puritan system of congregtional church government logically led to

democracy in political government

By 1700, the most populous colony in English America was


Seventeenth_century colonial tobacco growers usually responded to depressed prices for their crop by

growing more tobacco to increase their volume of production

Compared with indentured servants, African American slaves were

a more manageable labor force.

Most of the inhabitants of the colonial American South were

Landowning small farmers

over the course of the seventeenth century, most indentured servants

faced increasingly harsh circumstances

One featureof the American economy that strained the relationship between the colonies and Britain was the

growing desire of Americans to trade with other nations in addition to Britain

All of the following conditions caused many Scots to migrate to Northern Ireland and thence to America except

persecution for their Catholic religion

The person most often called the "First civilized American" was

Benjamin Franklin

In contrast to the seventeenth century, by 1775 colonial Americans

had become more stratified into social classes and had less social mobility

Colonial schools and colleges placed their main emphasis on


Duing the colonial era, all of the following peoples created new societies out of diverse ethnic groups in America except


By 1775, which of the following communities could not be considered a city of colonial America?


By the early eighteenth century, religion in colonial America was

less fervid than when the colonies were established

in 1775, the ________ churches were teh only two established (tax-supported) churches in colonial America.

Congregational and Anglican

All of the following are achievements of Benjamin Franklin except

influential poetry

The major manufacturing enterprise in colonial America in the eighteenth century was


As a result of the rapid population growth in colonial America during the eighteenth century

a momentous shift occurred in the balance of power between the colonies and the mother country.

One feature common to all of the eventually rebellious colonies was their

rapidly rowing populations

By the end of the 1700's what was teh percentage of people living in rural areas of colonial America


The Scots-Irish can best be described as

fiercely independant

The most ethnically diverse region of colonial America was ________, whereas ___________ was teh least ethnically diverse

the middle colonies, New England

Colonial legislatures were often able to bend the power of teh governors to their will because

colonial legislatures controlled taxes and expenditures that paid the goernors salaries

one political principle that colonial Americans came to cherish above most others was

the property qualification for voting

By the mid_eighteenth century, North American colonies shared all of the following similarities except

opportunity for social mobility

When it came to religion, the Scots_Irish

advocated the policy of the established churches

By the eighteenth century, the various colonial regions had distinct economic identities; the northern colonies relied on _____, the Chesapeake colonies relied on ________ and the souther colonies relied on _________

cattle and grain, tobacco, rice and indigo

Colonial American taverns were all of teh following except

frequented mainly by the lower class

The population of teh thirteen American colonies was

perhaps the most diverse in the world, although it remained predominantly Anglo-Saxon

The least honored profession in early colonial society was


The "new light" preachers of the Great Awakening

delivered intensely emotional sermons

All of the following are reasons the thirteen Atlantic seaboard colonies sought independence except

distinctive ethnic or racial structures

The time-honored Enlgish ideal, which Americans accepted for some time, regarded education as

reserved for the aristocratic few

The first American college free from determined control was

The university of Pennsylvania

When the British Parliament passed the Molasses Act in 1733, it intended the act to

inhibit colonial trade with the French West indies

The population growth of the American colonies by 1775 is attributed mostly to

the natural fertility of all Americans

By 1775, most governors of American colonies were

appointed by the king

Match each denomination on the left with the region where it predominated

Congregtionalist - New England
Anglican - the South
Presbyterian - the frontier

The riches created by the growing slave population in the American South

were not distributed evenly among whites

As the revolution approached, Presbyterian and Congregational ministers in general

supported the Revolutionary cause

English officials tried to establish the Church of England in as many colonies as possible because

the church would act as a major prop for kingly authority

In colonial America, educaiton was most zealously promoted

in New England

Which of the following was not considered to be a naval store


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