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  1. Parados
  2. Skene
  3. Tragic Hero
  4. dramatic irony
  5. Reversal (Peripeteia)
  1. a The change in fortune that the tragic hero experiences from the beginning of the play to the end. OR when a situation seems to be developing in one direction then suddenly "reverses" into another.
  2. b A fundamentally decent guy who undergoes a change of fortune due to one flaw
  3. c Ode of entry, first scene, chorus performs
  4. d "tent" backdrop for orchestra, scenery, raised 2-3 steps above orchestra, a room for hiding props and changing. 1-3 doors/exits
  5. e Sophocles built Oedipus on this, it is when the audience knows something that the character doesn't.

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  1. Patron of song, poetry, and drama. God of fertility. Cults dedicated to him performed activities such as going on hysterical rampages, ritual sacrifice, having orgies, and getting drunk. Greek Drama began as a religious observance in honor of him.
  2. By raising the emotions of the audience, tragedy purges the audience of negative emotions. This is what the resulting "purification" is known as.
  3. A religious feast in the spring, main attraction was theater, included exultation of the soul, dancing and screaming
  4. Spoken by chorus, setting up the scene/words of wisdom used for introduction
  5. The reason a tragic hero falls, it is some weakness of character, some moral blindness, or some error.

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  1. AtéA hero's pursuit of excellence


  2. OrchestraA hero's pursuit of excellence


  3. SophoclesGreat, famous author, considered the height of Greek tragedy. Held the jobs of soldier, general, and government official in his life. Built his stories on dramatic irony. Hated arrogance, common theme of his was to accept your fate.


  4. PathosPity. A plot with tragic reversal and anagnoresis best arouses pity and fear in the audience. This is the quality of evoking pity in the audience.


  5. ThebesThe town Oedipus was king of, the town he was actually born in. Northwest of Athens, largest city of the region


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