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  1. inveigh
  2. disconcert
  3. insular
  4. ferment
  5. Concoct
  1. a (n) a state of great excitement (v) to change into a state
  2. b to have a violent attack with words
  3. c to confuse, to upset, to ruffle
  4. d characteristic of, relating to
  5. e to make up a dish or combine ingredients

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  1. a period of a thousand years
  2. split up
  3. adaptation
  4. a breaking of law or obligation
  5. inspiring fear or awe, awesome, fearsome

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  1. sepulchralgloomy, dismal


  2. soporifictaken for granted


  3. permeateto steal something that has been given into one's trust, to embezzle


  4. eruditeto make easier or to progress quicker


  5. remonstrateto have pitty for


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