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  1. precept
  2. mitigate
  3. crass
  4. expedite
  5. scourge
  1. a coarse, stupid
  2. b a well understood principle
  3. c (v) to whip (n) a source of punishment
  4. d to make softer or milder, to moderate in force or intensity
  5. e to make easier or to progress quicker

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  1. internal
  2. to evoke or call out
  3. a special right or privilege
  4. having the purpose of overthrowing an established authority
  5. to violate, pollute, treat irreverently

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  1. disabuseto set straight


  2. epitometo direct or to order


  3. nominaltoo small to be considered


  4. extricateto remove with effort


  5. punctiliousvery careful and exact


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