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  1. adventitious
  2. circuitous
  3. enjoin
  4. caveat
  5. heinous
  1. a indirect
  2. b to direct or to order
  3. c accidental
  4. d a warning or caution to prevent misunderstanding
  5. e offensive

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  1. to change from one nature to another
  2. to make easier or to progress quicker
  3. dissatisfaction from lack of interest
  4. a gap, opening, or break
  5. a period of a thousand years

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  1. surmise(v) to conjecture or to guess (n) a likely idea that lacks proof


  2. disconcertto find out by reasoning


  3. elicitlearned


  4. disabuseto set straight


  5. umbrageshade cast by trees


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