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  1. drivel
  2. transmute
  3. restitution
  4. ex officio
  5. aura
  1. a to change from one nature to another
  2. b (n) saliva or mucus flowing from the mouth or nose (v) to let saliva flow from mouth or nose
  3. c something that surrounding the atmosphere
  4. d by virtue of holding a certain a certain office
  5. e the act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner

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  1. internal
  2. secret
  3. (adj) tending to cause sleep (n) something that induces sleep
  4. (adj) strong and sturdy (n) a brave and strong person who takes an uncompromising position
  5. to publish or to broadcast

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  1. elicitto direct or to order


  2. extricateto make softer or milder, to moderate in force or intensity


  3. prerogativea special right or privilege


  4. infractiona breaking of law or obligation


  5. disconcertto find out by reasoning


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