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  1. interloper
  2. acculturation
  3. circuitous
  4. demagogue
  5. cajole
  1. a a leader who exploits popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to achieve power
  2. b adaptation
  3. c indirect
  4. d to persuade through flattery
  5. e an intruder

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  1. gloomy, dismal
  2. to remove with effort
  3. to violate, pollute, treat irreverently
  4. to make things easier
  5. open to attack, capable of being wounded or damaged

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  1. sangfroidto please on behalf of someone else


  2. expostulateto make up for


  3. surmiseto credit or attribute


  4. aplombto find fault with, rebuke


  5. reverberateto echo


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