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  1. vitriolic
  2. amorphous
  3. querulous
  4. gossamer
  5. occult
  1. a thin, light, delicate
  2. b (adj) mysterious or magical (v) to hide or conceal (n) something involving the supernatural
  3. c complaining
  4. d shapeless
  5. e stinging comment

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  1. to dissuade someone from doing something
  2. by virtue of holding a certain a certain office
  3. taken for granted
  4. to have intense dislike or hate towards something
  5. to remove with effort

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  1. assuageto credit or attribute


  2. ingratiateto suck up to


  3. proclivityan alliance or union


  4. surreptitioussecret


  5. sleazythin or flimsy in texture


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