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  1. interloper
  2. epitome
  3. ameliorate
  4. inscrutable
  5. expiate
  1. a an intruder
  2. b to improve or to make better
  3. c a summary or a digest
  4. d to make up for
  5. e incapable of being understood

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  1. (v) to fall as moisture (adj) reckless (n) moisture
  2. irreversible
  3. extremely strange
  4. a hint or indirect suggestion
  5. indirect

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  1. bombasticto lower in character


  2. permeateto make up for


  3. approbationa breaking of law or obligation


  4. assuage(v) to rob of goods by open force, like war (adj) the act of looting


  5. repudiateto reject


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