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  1. synthesis
  2. pH
  3. salt
  4. carbohydrates
  5. unsaturated
  1. a joining of molecules
  2. b containing double and triple bonds between carbons
  3. c logerythmic measure of the amount of H+
  4. d are sugars. main function is energy. TYPES; monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and disaccarides
  5. e ionic compound that does not contain H or OH

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  1. transfer of electrons followed by the joining of two atoms.
  2. carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids
  3. two or more different atoms joined together
  4. distruption of a proteins 3-dimensional shape
  5. proteins that cause reactions to occur or speed up

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  1. saturatedcontaining all single bonds between the carbons


  2. substratecontaining double and triple bonds between carbons


  3. chemical reactionitems joining w/ each other are called reactants written to the left of areo, products are made and written to right of areo.


  4. activation energyenergy required to start a reaction


  5. acidare fats and oils. main function is energy, membrane, and hormones. TYPES; neutral lipid, phospholipid, and steroid


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