Science Olympiad - Fossils - Trilobites - Exoskeleton Terms

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A list of terms relating to the exoskeleton of the trilobite.

left pleural lobe

The leftmost lobe of a trilobite's body

axial lobe

The central lobe of a trilobite's body

right pleural lobe

The rightmost lobe of a trilobite's body


A section of an arthropod's body (singular)


A section of an arthropod's body (plural)


Head region of a trilobite


Body region of a trilobite


Tail region of a trilobite


Segmented regions on thorax that protect gills and limbs


Dome on the axial lobe and in the cephalon. Houses the stomach.


Projections on ventral side of a trilobite; many leg muscles attached to these.


Tail fan that is part of the pygidium


Order of trilobites that has evolved spines

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