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  1. complex, adj.
  2. wane, v.
  3. eon/aeon, n.
  4. thrive, v.
  5. astute, adj.
  1. a clever
  2. b extremely long and indefinite period of time
  3. c be fortunate; be successful
  4. d consisting of interconnected parts; difficult to understand
  5. e decrease in power, size, or extent

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  1. slip away from
  2. stormy
  3. suitable under the circumstances
  4. restrain from acting
  5. very small quantity; infinitesimal amount

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  1. jibe, v.encourage with aid or approval


  2. conjecture, n.come to an end


  3. lethal, adj.causing or capable of causing death


  4. maim, v.wound seriously


  5. exonerate, v.come to an end


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