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  1. Dilatory
  2. Culpable
  3. Anathema
  4. Irresolute
  5. Adulation
  1. a DEFINITION: praise or flattery that is excessive SYNONYMS: Adoration Idolization hero-worship ANTONYMS: ridicule derision scorn odium
  2. b tenting to delay or procrastinate, not prompt; intended to delay or postpone SYNONYMS: stalling slow tardy laggard ANTONYMS: prompt punctual speedy expeditious
  3. c deserving blame, worthy of condemnation SYNONYMS: guilty delinquent peccant blameworthy ANTONYMS: blameless innocent laudable meritorious
  4. d DEFINITION: An object of intense dislike a curse or strong denunciation (often used adjectivally without the article) SYNONYMS: Malediction Imprecation Abomination ANTONYMS: Benediction blessing
  5. e DEFINITION: unable to make up one's mind hesitating SYNONYMS: indecisive vacillating wavering ANTONYMS: determined decisive unwavering

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  1. DEFINITION: Conspicuous, standing out from the mass SYNONYMS: Glaring Flagrant blatant ANTONYMS: Unnoticeable Paltry Piddling
  2. DEFINITION: a greedy desire particularly for wealth SYNONYMS: Cupidity rapacity acquisitiveness
  3. DEFINITION: untidy dirty careless SYNONYMS: unkempt slatternly slipshod lax ANTONYMS: neat tidy careful meticulous
  4. DEFINITION: done for show striving to make a big impression claiming merit or position unjustifiably making demands on one's skill or abilities ambitious SYNONYMS: inflated ostentatious affected ANTONYMS: unassuming unaffected modest
  5. DEFINITION: inactive sluggish dull SYNONYMS: sluggish lethargic otiose languid ANTONYMS: energetic dynamic vigorous

5 True/False Questions

  1. PenuryDEFINITION: extreme poverty barrenness insufficiency SYNONYMS: destitution want indigence ANTONYMS: affluence abundance luxury opulence


  2. RecapitulateDEFINITION: to review a series of facts to sum up SYNONYMS: review summarize sum up go over


  3. EvanescentDEFINITION: a greedy desire particularly for wealth SYNONYMS: Cupidity rapacity acquisitiveness


  4. AbateDEFINITION: to make less in amount, degree to subside become less to nullify deduct omit SYNONYMS: Diminish decrease subside let up ANTONYMS: intensify increase magnify wax


  5. EquivocateDEFINITION: To revive bring back to consciousness or existence SYNONYMS: Revitalize reanimate restore


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