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  1. pax romana
  2. Aqueduct
  3. bread &circusees
  4. oligarchy
  5. forum
  1. a roman peace
  2. b what romans used to move water
  3. c ruled by a small group of people
  4. d free food and entertainment to keep romans quiet about politics
  5. e public square

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  1. demesticated animals and crops which lead to civilization
  2. place isolated from outside world
  3. city
  4. skilled workers who made tools, clothes, ect.
  5. fate

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  1. epicureanismfreedom


  2. monotheismbelief in one god


  3. peloponnesian warsdispute between corinth and peloponnesian league


  4. domesticationskilled workers who made tools, clothes, ect.


  5. direct democracyone ruler


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