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  1. legion
  2. Artisan
  3. stoicism
  4. polis
  5. Aqueduct
  1. a city
  2. b part of the army
  3. c what romans used to move water
  4. d fate
  5. e skilled workers who made tools, clothes, ect.

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  1. freedom
  2. tame animals for human use
  3. ruled by a small group of people
  4. all citizens could have a say in decisions by participating in face to face debates and discussions.
  5. demesticated animals and crops which lead to civilization

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  1. pax romanaroman peace


  2. republiccity


  3. peloponnesian warsdispute between corinth and peloponnesian league


  4. monasteriesone ruler


  5. latifundiapart of the army


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