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  1. frenetic
  2. timorous
  3. ornate
  4. ebullient
  5. embellish
  1. a (adj.) highly elaborate, excessively decorated
  2. b (adj.) timid, fearful
  3. c (adj.) frenzied, hectic, frantic
  4. d (adj.) extremely lively, enthusiastic
  5. e (v.) to decorate, adorn

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  1. (adj.) exceeding what is necessary
  2. (adj.) offensive, egregious
  3. (adj.) foreboding or foreshadowing evil
  4. (adj.) extremely bad
  5. (adj.) plain, lacking liveliness

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  1. ostentatious(adj.) foreboding or foreshadowing evil


  2. sedentary(adj.) sitting, settled


  3. opulent(adj.) characterized by rich abundance verging on ostentation


  4. mundane(adj.) highly elaborate, excessively decorated


  5. apprehend(v.) to seize, arrest


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