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  1. They are rearranged
  2. Products
  3. Exothermic
  4. a substance that participates in a chemical reaction
  5. Many forms of energy.
  1. a What happens to atoms in chemical reactions?
  2. b When enough energy is added to start the isooctane/oxygen reaction new bonds form to make the _______.
  3. c What can be used to break bonds?
  4. d What is a reactant?
  5. e All combustion reactions are __________.

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  1. Chemical reactions rearange the ______ between atoms.
  2. In all chemical reactions what stays the same?
  3. All of the bonds to carbon atoms are ________.
  4. Chemical reactions always involve changes in ________.
  5. Describe the mass at the start & finish of a chemical reaction.

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  1. you're able to see the changesyou can tell that a chemical reaction is happening because?


  2. Chemical reactionA chemical reaction in which energy is released to the surroundings as heat is called ________________.


  3. energywhat do most chemical reactions need to get started?


  4. Endothermic & chemicalWhat chemical reaction requires energy input?


  5. Electricity, sound, heat, or lightEnergy can change form, but is never _______ or _______.


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