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  1. Mass
  2. body
  3. Equal
  4. Carbon dioxide
  5. Formation of a gas
    formation of a solid
    release of energy
  1. a Chemical reactions can take place in your?
  2. b The total amount of energy from the products must _______ the amount of energy of the reactants & their surroundings.
  3. c In all chemical reactions what stays the same?
  4. d When we exhale, what comes out?
  5. e What are some easily visible signs of chemical reactions?

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  1. What happens to the food we eat & the oxygen we breathe inside our bodies?
  2. what do most chemical reactions need to get started?
    Sometimes, endothermic reactions need more energy than they can get from their surroundings?
  4. For all atoms in isooctane & oxygen to react, all of the bonds must do what?
  5. Plant cells store energy in the form of _________.

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  1. you're able to see the changesyou can tell that a chemical reaction is happening because?


  2. GasolineWhat burns in the engine of a car/boat.


  3. LessIn all exothermic reactions, do products have more or less energy that the reactants?


  4. Chemical energyoccurs when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances


  5. When the original substances go through chemical changes and form new substances.What happens to the food we eat & the oxygen we breathe inside our bodies?


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