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  1. energy
  2. Bonds
  3. Formation of a gas
    formation of a solid
    release of energy
  4. True
  5. Gasoline
  1. a What are some easily visible signs of chemical reactions?
  2. b What burns in the engine of a car/boat.
  3. c what do most chemical reactions need to get started?
  4. d TRUE/FALSE?
    Sometimes, endothermic reactions need more energy than they can get from their surroundings?
  5. e Chemical reactions rearange the ______ between atoms.

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  1. How many oxygen atoms do covalent bonds hold together?
  2. All combustion reactions are __________.
  3. What words describe chemical reactions that you see everyday?
  4. What do plants use to convert carbon dioxide & water into glucose & oxygen?
  5. What type of reaction is photosynthesis?

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  1. Chemical energyoccurs when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances


  2. HeatFor all atoms in isooctane & oxygen to react, all of the bonds must do what?


  3. they undergo chemical reactions and change formoccurs when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances


  4. CMany diffrent chemical reacitons take place inside your body _______ of the time.
    A) part B) none C) all


  5. bodyChemical reactions can take place in your?


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