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  1. Covalent
  2. Mass
  3. Formation of a gas
    formation of a solid
    release of energy
  4. Break
  5. Chemical reaction
  1. a What are some easily visible signs of chemical reactions?
  2. b All of the bonds to carbon atoms are ________.
  3. c occurs when substances go through chemical changes to form new substances
  4. d In all chemical reactions what stays the same?
  5. e For all atoms in isooctane & oxygen to react, all of the bonds must do what?

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  1. what do most chemical reactions need to get started?
  2. What is a reactant?
  3. Energy can also be transfered as __________, _____, ____, or _____.
  4. What words describe chemical reactions that you see everyday?
  5. What happens to the food we eat & the oxygen we breathe inside our bodies?

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  1. EnergyCan atoms be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction?


  2. From chemical reactions that change the food we eat & the oxygen we breath.What happens to the food we eat & the oxygen we breathe inside our bodies?


  3. Carbon Dioxide and WaterWhen isooctane & oxygen react, what two products form?


  4. CMany diffrent chemical reacitons take place inside your body _______ of the time.
    A) part B) none C) all


  5. Many forms of energy.What is energy that is stored in the form of chemical bonds?


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