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  1. condensation
  2. tranpiration
  3. describe 3 things that make water so specail
  4. annual plants
  5. nocturnal
  1. a the process of turning a solid to a liquid
  2. b when water comes from the roots of plants or trees and gets heated up by hot air that turns to water vapor
  3. c an animal that is awake at night and a sleep durring the day
  4. d it sticks together, it can cut through metal, and it can turn sunlight into food.
  5. e An annual plant is a seasonal plant as it survives for only a season or year

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  1. an instance of commotion
  2. it could help them because it could tell them when they need yo start gatering food so it could create fat on the body for winter
  3. a sound wave that is sent by nocturnal animals so they do not bump into walls
  4. the producers make the food for the conumers to eat and when they die the decomposers break them apart
  5. the water beneath the surface of the ground

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  1. why is there a greater effect if trees are cut down then being burned downthey are predictable because that same thing has happened before or they studied taht place for a lon time


  2. diurnalan animal that is awake at night and a sleep durring the day


  3. free nitrogensomething that is not usable by most organisms


  4. hibernationwhen birds move to a warmer place for winter


  5. rythema cycle that occurs over an over again


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