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  1. How do biological clocks affect organisms? Give 3 examples of events controlled by a biological clock.
  2. renew
  3. describe some events that can dirupt an ecosystem
  4. hydrolgical cycle
  5. describe 3 things that make water so specail
  1. a to restore or replenish
  2. b it sticks together, it can cut through metal, and it can turn sunlight into food.
  3. c some events are hurricanes tornados, volcanos, and any other natural disaster
  4. d a cycle that assures humans fresh water to drink.
  5. e they effect organisms for three reasons one it tells them when it is time to wake up go to sleep and tell them what to do

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  1. a plant that has little bumps in the bottom that fertalize the soil
  2. it is formed when lots of water vapor combine together and attche to form a cloud
  3. an animal that is awake at night and a sleep durring the day
  4. it is important so that when it starts to snow they can be far out of that place so that they do not freeze to death
  5. the arrangement of the parts of a flower in the bud

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  1. rythemto restore or replenish


  2. groundwaterwhen water hits a surface that it can not sink into so it slides off


  3. explain the similarities beteween evaporation, tranpiration, and respirationsome events are hurricanes tornados, volcanos, and any other natural disaster


  4. annual plantsAn annual plant is a seasonal plant as it survives for only a season or year


  5. pioneer speciesthe process of turning a solid to a liquid


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