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  1. pioneer species
  2. primary sucsession
  3. diurnal
  4. evaporation
  5. why does secondary sucsession occur more rapidly
  1. a Primary succession is when plant life occurs in an environment in which new it avoids vegetation and usually lacks soil and kills everything arond it
  2. b pioneer species is when mosses and lichen plus algae and fungus plus other abiotic factors like wind and water start to "normalize" the habitat and break it down
  3. c it occurs most rapidly because there is less to burn down
  4. d an animal that is awake during the day and a sleep at night
  5. e when surface water gets extracted out from bodys of water and turns into water vapor

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  1. it is important because we can not make any moore matter then we have and when it runs out there will be nothing left
  2. they effect organisms for three reasons one it tells them when it is time to wake up go to sleep and tell them what to do
  3. to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration
  4. the arrangement of the parts of a flower in the bud
  5. it sticks together, it can cut through metal, and it can turn sunlight into food.

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  1. Describe some external/environmental cues and internal cues that "signal" organisms to anticipate and prepare for environmental changes.some events are hurricanes tornados, volcanos, and any other natural disaster


  2. respirationwhen water comes from the roots of plants or trees and gets heated up by hot air that turns to water vapor


  3. Mongooses, diurnal animals similar to weasels and ferrets, were brought into Hawaii by sugar-can growers. The sugar-cane growers hoped that the mongooses would kill the rats that were eating sugar cane at night. Explain why this plan did not work.This plan can not work since mongooses are diarnul and only active durring the day. The mice are nocturtnal so the mongooses can not see them since they will be asleep


  4. tranpirationoxygen tht is given off by humans or plants and when the cold air meets the hot it turns into vapor


  5. describe the role of producers consumers anddecmposers in the carbon oxegen cyclethey are effected by lunar cycles because the moon makes the tide go up so the fish go up and then breed in the sand at high tide


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