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  1. 7 layers protecting the brain
  2. Fontanella
  3. Precentral gyrus
  4. Central Nervous system
  5. Olfactory bulb
  1. a the brain and the spinal cord. 30 cm in length.
    Does not go all the way down it stops at L1
  2. b soft spot between the bones of the skull in an infant. Where the bones have not yet grown together.
  3. c 1. Skull
    2. Epidural
    3. Dural matter
    4. Sub Dural
    5. Arachnoid
    6. Sub Arachnoid (CSF-cerebral spinal fluid)
    7. Pia matter
    Then the brain. So the brain is well protected!
  4. d the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.
  5. e positioned anterior to central sulcus.

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  1. All nerves except the brain and the spinal cord. The _____ consists of cranial nerves, spinal nerves, and contains the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system which is the parasympathetic and sympathetic
  2. All parts of both plants and animals are made from cells or are products of cells
  3. 1 of the 3 vesicles of the new embryo at 4th-5th week. Makes the inferior part of the brain ( forebrain )
  4. open space, potential space. There is a potential space between the dural matter and the skull.
  5. seen on the side/lateral view of the brain. Separates frontal lobe from the temporal lobe anteriorly and the posterior part of the lateral sulcus separates the temporal lobe from the parietal.

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  1. Calcarine fissurea fissure positioned at the medial surface of the occipital lobe. Inside. It separates the visual cortex into the upper and lower operculum


  2. Process before the vesiclesThe 4th-5th week after conception the brain of the embryo has ________.


  3. 3 vesiclesA structure of layers that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord.


  4. RhombencephalonAt 5-7 weeks the __________________ becomes the Metencephalon (cerebellem & pons) and the Myelencephalon (medulla oblongata)


  5. Parietal occipital sulcusthe sulcus that separates the parietal from the occipital lobe.


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