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  1. Transverse fissure
  2. Rhombencephalon
  3. Pia matter
  4. Fontanella
  5. Central Nervous system
  1. a the brain and the spinal cord. 30 cm in length.
    Does not go all the way down it stops at L1
  2. b soft spot between the bones of the skull in an infant. Where the bones have not yet grown together.
  3. c an area which separates cerebral from cerebellum. The fissure where tentorium cerebelli is.
  4. d The 3rd layer of Meninges and closest to the brain. It is a thin and transparent layer made of collagenous connective tissue. Sitting on the surface of the brain with no space.
  5. e At 5-7 weeks the __________________ becomes the Metencephalon (cerebellem & pons) and the Myelencephalon (medulla oblongata)

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  1. the sulcus that separates the parietal from the occipital lobe.
  2. the first brain structure to pick up smell information from the nose.
  3. the study of the embryo. after 7 weeks it is referred to as a fetus.
  4. A portion of dural matter that separates the cerebellum from cerebral. Acts like a shelf.
  5. 44. Located on the inferior frontal gyrus. Reffered to as the INTERIOR LANGUAGE CORTEX / Speech production cortex / Expression production cortex
    Anatomical name: Area Triangularis

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  1. Dural matter"tough mother" outermost layer of Meninges-closest to the skull. leather-like membrane attached to the inner surface of the skull.


  2. Calcarine fissurea fissure positioned at the medial surface of the occipital lobe. Inside. It separates the visual cortex into the upper and lower operculum


  3. ProsencephalonAt 5-7 weeks the ___________ becomes the Telencephalon ( basal ganglia, limbic lobe, cerebral hemispheres.) & the Diencephalon ( thalamus and hypothalamus )


  4. ArachnoidSpace at the bottom of the arachnoid that actually contains the cerebral spinal fluid CSF. Sub means below.


  5. Falx cerebelliA portion of dural matter that separates the cerebellum from cerebral. Acts like a shelf.


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