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  1. personification
  2. resolution
  3. antonym
  4. hyperbole
  5. multiple meaning words
  1. a a comparison that stretches a fact beyond what is actual or true, often for humorous effect.
  2. b a comparison that gives human qualities to animals, objects, or ideas.
  3. c word that has the opposite meaning of another word.
  4. d the story comes to an interesting and satisfying conclusion, the story wraps up or comes to an end.
  5. e words that can mean more than one thing.

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  1. narrator is a character in the story
  2. the characters, setting and a hint of the conflict are introduced.
  3. when and where of a story
  4. describing how two or more things are alike and different
  5. a message that the author is trying to get across.

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  1. third person point of viewnarrator is a character in the story


  2. metaphorwhen and where of a story


  3. fictionuses the words like or as to compare two things.


  4. climaxa series of events in a story.


  5. falling actionthe character feels the effects of the climax


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