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  1. perimeter
  2. horizontal axis
  3. sector
  4. product
  5. distributive property
  1. a A region bordered by part of a circle and two radii
  2. b A number times the sum of two addends is equal to the sum of that same number times each individual addend a x (b + c) = (a x b) + (a x c)
  3. c The distance around a polygon
  4. d The scale of a graph that runs from left to right
  5. e The answer to a multiplication problem

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  1. The distance around a circle; the perimeter of a circle
  2. The answer to a subtraction problem
  3. The answer to a division problem
  4. How likely it is for an event to happen written as a percentage
  5. Basic unit of length in the metric system

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  1. expanded notationA digit times its place value, plus the next digit times its place value, and so on


  2. vertical axisThe scale of a graph that runs from left to right


  3. outcomeThe answer to an addition problem


  4. averageThe number found when the sum of two or more numbers is divided by the number of numbers added


  5. decimeterOne tenth of a meter


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