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  1. product
  2. meter
  3. diameter
  4. experiment
  5. probability
  1. a The distance across a circle through its center
  2. b How likely it is for an event to happen written as a fraction/ratio
  3. c A test to find or illustrate a rule
  4. d The answer to a multiplication problem
  5. e Basic unit of length in the metric system

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  1. The distance around a polygon
  2. The answer to a subtraction problem
  3. A region bordered by part of a circle and two radii
  4. The value of a digit based on its position within a number
  5. The number found when the sum of two or more numbers is divided by the number of numbers added

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  1. decimal placesPlaces to the right of the decimal point


  2. horizontal axisThe scale of a graph that runs from top to bottom


  3. chanceAny possible result of an experiment


  4. circumferenceThe distance around a circle; the perimeter of a circle


  5. decimeterThe distance around a polygon


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