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  1. stentorian
  2. titanic
  3. bacchanalian
  4. Adonis
  5. Stygian
  1. a dark; infernal; gloomy
  2. b of enormous strength, size or power
  3. c jovial or wild with drunkenness
  4. d very loud
  5. e very handsome young man

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  1. obedient and unquestioning follower
  2. a wise and trusted guide or advisor; athletic coach
  3. full of confusing passageways; intricate; complicated
  4. pertaining to war; warlike
  5. Exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell;

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  1. lethargicunnaturally drowsy; sluggish; dull


  2. mercurialquick; vivacious; active; lively


  3. Lucullansumptous; luxurious


  4. hermeticairtight


  5. jovialpertaining to war; warlike


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