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  1. titanic
  2. panic
  3. ambrosial
  4. paean
  5. iridescent
  1. a of enormous strength, size or power
  2. b song or hymn of praise, joy, or triumph
  3. c Exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell;
  4. d having colors like the rainbow
  5. e unreasoning, sudden fright that grips a multitude

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  1. dark; infernal; gloomy
  2. heavy; dull; gloomy; morose
  3. cruel or inflexible in enforcing conformity
  4. pertaining to drama or acting
  5. ruinous; gained at too great a cost

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  1. chimericalquick; vivacious; active; lively


  2. Draconianusing words sparingly; terse; concise


  3. labyrinthineheavy; dull; gloomy; morose


  4. laconicunreasoning, sudden fright that grips a multitude


  5. proteanextremely variable


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