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  1. Direct experience, beyond logic and thinking
  2. sangha
  3. vision quest
  4. five precepts
  5. trickster figure
  1. a seeking spiritual power through an encounter with a guardian spirit usually in the form a of an animal or natural entity, following a period of fasting
  2. b do not take life; do not take what is not given; do not engage in sensuous misconduct; do not use false speech; do not drink intoxicants
  3. c a type of supernatural being who tends to disrupt the normal course of life
  4. d assemblage; the Buddhist community of monks and nuns; one of the three jewels
  5. e of truth, which is beyond the reach of thoughts and feelings about truth, and beyond the words are used to express thoughts and feelings

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  1. samsara--wheel of rebirth
  2. move the disciple closer to enlightenment, simple, meditating and praying
  3. the book of the way and its power; Taoism text by Lao Tzu
  4. seated meditation; the basic method traditionally practiced while seated in the lotus position in a meditation hall
  5. a collection of text composed between 900 and 200 BC that provided philosophical commentary on the Vedas

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  1. socialhow we act while living in the world


  2. the prophets of IslamAdam, abraham, ishmael, christ, and Muhammad


  3. Lakota"Sioux"--remembered for having led tribes to defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn


  4. the four passing /sightsold age, sickness/disease, death, man searching for salvation


  5. analectsthe collected sayings of Confucius


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