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  1. the middle way
  2. satyagraha
  3. mantras
  4. passive resistance
  5. Dhyana
  1. a phrases and syllables chanted to evoke a deity or to enhance meditation
  2. b Gandhi's form of nonviolence resistance
  3. c not doing anything, not fighting back (Gandhi)
  4. d teaching that rejects both the pleasures of sensual indulgence and the self-denial of asceticism, focusing instead on a practical approach to spiritual attainment
  5. e meditation

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  1. experiences and rituals of an individual
  2. path of works, performing right actions according to dharma
  3. pleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life
  4. common form of Islam practiced by majority of Muslims
  5. left being a prince and when out to the wilderness alone

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  1. koanthe negative, passive, feminine, earthy component of the universe


  2. karmathe moral law of cause and effect of actions; determines one's reincarnation


  3. jnana margapath of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation


  4. dharmapleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life


  5. Sufismmystical approach to Allah who is experienced inwardly


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