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  1. dhamra
  2. Tao Te Ching
  3. cosmology
  4. Rig Veda
  5. wen
  1. a the teachings of the Buddha
  2. b understanding of the nature of the universe
  3. c a collection of 1,017 Sanskrit hymns composed of at about 1500 BC or earlier; oldest text
  4. d the cultural arts, skills of behavior as being of moral benefit and as befitting the mature person
  5. e the book of the way and its power; Taoism text by Lao Tzu

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  1. the mythic time of Australian Aboriginal Religion when ancestors inhabited the earth
  2. mystical approach to Allah who is experienced inwardly
  3. the military and political leaders of Muslims
  4. human construction induced with worship and sacredness
  5. an entity such as a mountain, tree or pole, that is believed to connect the heavens and the earth; center of the world

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  1. the Sun Dancecelebrates the new year and prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt; performed in the late spring in a constructed lodge dancing and facing sun until it hurts


  2. fruits of zenstudent
    householder-career and family
    forest dweller(sannyasin)- wandering ascetic


  3. Stages of Lifestudent
    householder-career and family
    forest dweller(sannyasin)- wandering ascetic


  4. arhat"worthy one" one who has become enlightened the ideal type for Theravada


  5. yinthe negative, passive, feminine, earthy component of the universe


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