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  1. li
  2. arhat
  3. Kama
  4. the tao
  5. karma
  1. a the moral law of cause and effect of actions; determines one's reincarnation
  2. b "worthy one" one who has become enlightened the ideal type for Theravada
  3. c way; the moral order that permeates the universe, the Way that should be followed; in taoism it is the way of nature, ultimate source adn principle of the order in the universe
  4. d pleasure, especially of sensual love; one of goals of life
  5. e "rite" proper behavior in any given social circumstance (performing a sacred ritual)

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  1. The great Vehicle; largest tree of buddhism; variety of forms, including those that emphasize devotion and prayer to the gods
  2. the book of the way and its power; Taoism text by Lao Tzu
  3. incarnation of a deity, commonly of Vishnu who is sent to earth to accomplish a divine purpose
  4. surrender or submission
  5. sacred stories passed from generation to generation

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  1. tanhapatterned icons that visually excite (vajrayana) enhance meditation


  2. mudrasone of goals of life; material success and social prestige


  3. Hajjpilgrimage to Mecca


  4. jnana margapath of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation


  5. shari'adivine law


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