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  1. pantheism
  2. the tao
  3. Sufism
  4. Dhyana
  5. artha
  1. a belief that divine reality exists in everything
  2. b mystical approach to Allah who is experienced inwardly
  3. c one of goals of life; material success and social prestige
  4. d way; the moral order that permeates the universe, the Way that should be followed; in taoism it is the way of nature, ultimate source adn principle of the order in the universe
  5. e meditation

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  1. pilgrimage to Mecca
  2. an entity such as a mountain, tree or pole, that is believed to connect the heavens and the earth; center of the world
  3. Gandhi's form of nonviolence resistance
  4. brahmin-priests
    kshatriya-warriors and administrators
    vaishya- farmers merchants artisans
    shudra-servants and laborers
  5. "thirst, craving , desire" a noble truth selfish desire which causes dukkha

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  1. Direct experience, beyond logic and thinkingheart to sun
    head to sky
    willingness to temple's stairs allowing to enter heaven
    carried out a lot


  2. passive resistancenot doing anything, not fighting back (Gandhi)


  3. ultimate realitydo not take life; do not take what is not given; do not engage in sensuous misconduct; do not use false speech; do not drink intoxicants


  4. samadhiconfession of faith and central creed; "there is no god except God. Muhammad is the messenger of God."


  5. Hindu Cosmologyunderstanding of the nature of the universe


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