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  1. avatar
  2. orishas
  3. Lakota
  4. Rig Veda
  5. Jihad
  1. a the Yoruba deities who are the main objects of ritual attention, including Orish-nla, the creater god; Ogun, the god of iron and of war; and Esu, the trickster figure
  2. b incarnation of a deity, commonly of Vishnu who is sent to earth to accomplish a divine purpose
  3. c struggle; spiritually and socially
  4. d a collection of 1,017 Sanskrit hymns composed of at about 1500 BC or earlier; oldest text
  5. e "Sioux"--remembered for having led tribes to defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn

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  1. Adam, abraham, ishmael, christ, and Muhammad
  2. formal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth
  3. the mythic time of Australian Aboriginal Religion when ancestors inhabited the earth
  4. questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering
  5. Confucius; student, public official; wanderer; died 479 BC

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  1. pantheismbelief that divine reality exists in everything


  2. Ummathe moral law of cause and effect of actions; determines one's reincarnation


  3. bhakti margapath of knowledge, true nature of reality through meditation


  4. Tao Te Chingthe book of the way and its power; Taoism text by Lao Tzu


  5. The life of Guatamacentral Africa, purpose is to maintaning the balance between the human beings of earth and the gods and ancestors of heaven


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