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  1. material
  2. jen
  3. li
  4. dharma
  5. Quetzalcoatl
  1. a "rite" proper behavior in any given social circumstance (performing a sacred ritual)
  2. b human construction induced with worship and sacredness
  3. c love; goodness; the supreme human virtue, doing one's best to treat others right
  4. d creator god worshiped at Teotihuacan and by the Toltecs; believed by the Aztecs to have presided over a golden age.
  5. e ethical duty based on the divine order of reality; one of the four goals of life

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  1. tribes among the plains of North America
  2. path of works, performing right actions according to dharma
  3. incarnation of a deity, commonly of Vishnu who is sent to earth to accomplish a divine purpose
  4. "blowing out" the ultimate goal ; the extinction of desire and any sense of individual selfhood, resulting in liberation from samsara and its limiting conditions
  5. one of goals of life; material success and social prestige

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  1. Bhagavad-Gitamost popular sacred text


  2. the Sun Danceway; the moral order that permeates the universe, the Way that should be followed; in taoism it is the way of nature, ultimate source adn principle of the order in the universe


  3. dokusana periodic meeting with the master during which the disciple offers an answer to an assigned koan


  4. mandalspatterned icons that visually excite (vajrayana) enhance meditation


  5. Stages of Lifehealthy, vigorous mind, here and now, practical and attentive to this world


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