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  1. ritual
  2. Lakota
  3. taboo
  4. Direct experience, beyond logic and thinking
  5. wen
  1. a "Sioux"--remembered for having led tribes to defeat Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn
  2. b of truth, which is beyond the reach of thoughts and feelings about truth, and beyond the words are used to express thoughts and feelings
  3. c a system of social order that dictates that specific objects and activities, owing to their sacred nature are set aside for specific groups and are strictly forbidden to to others; common to many primal peoples, including Aborigines
  4. d the cultural arts, skills of behavior as being of moral benefit and as befitting the mature person
  5. e formal worship practice, often based on the reenactment of a myth

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  1. meditation
  2. community that transcends race ethnicity and language barriers
  3. the negative, passive, feminine, earthy component of the universe
  4. "most sacred" Lakota name for supreme reality, often referring to collectively the sixteen separate deities.
  5. confession of faith; prayer; fasting; wealth sharing; pilgrimage

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  1. Rig Vedaa collection of 1,017 Sanskrit hymns composed of at about 1500 BC or earlier; oldest text


  2. the prophets of Islamteaching that rejects both the pleasures of sensual indulgence and the self-denial of asceticism, focusing instead on a practical approach to spiritual attainment


  3. Jihadstruggle; spiritually and socially


  4. satyagrahaassemblage; the Buddhist community of monks and nuns; one of the three jewels


  5. four noble truthsto live is to suffer; suffering is caused by desire; the cessation of suffering can be achieved; the solution is the noble eightfold path


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