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  1. li
  2. fruits of zen
  3. axis mundi
  4. the Dreaming
  5. zazen
  1. a "rite" proper behavior in any given social circumstance (performing a sacred ritual)
  2. b the mythic time of Australian Aboriginal Religion when ancestors inhabited the earth
  3. c healthy, vigorous mind, here and now, practical and attentive to this world
  4. d an entity such as a mountain, tree or pole, that is believed to connect the heavens and the earth; center of the world
  5. e seated meditation; the basic method traditionally practiced while seated in the lotus position in a meditation hall

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  1. the vehicle of the diamond; Tibet; emphasizes the harnessing of sensual energies to attain nirvana
  2. belief that divine reality exists in everything
  3. the cultural arts, skills of behavior as being of moral benefit and as befitting the mature person
  4. jnana marga approach seeking to free the eternal self from teh bondage of personhood
  5. move the disciple closer to enlightenment, simple, meditating and praying

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  1. Direct experience, beyond logic and thinkingbrahmin-priests
    kshatriya-warriors and administrators
    vaishya- farmers merchants artisans
    shudra-servants and laborers


  2. the great going forthleft being a prince and when out to the wilderness alone


  3. the taoa natural entity that symbolizes an individual or group and has special significance for religious life, a natural entity, such as an animal or a feature of the landscape, that symbolizes an individual or group and that has special significance for the religious life of that individual or group


  4. five constant relationshipsthe book of the way and its power; Taoism text by Lao Tzu


  5. Muhammad's lifeborn 570 AD died 632 AD; married his wife Khadija after being orphaned; was enlightened by Gabriel through a vision; was moved out of Mecca to Yathrib and moved back to Mecca to die


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