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  1. initiation: symbolic death, spiritual rebirth
  2. fruits of zen
  3. artha
  4. the four passing /sights
  5. islam
  1. a old age, sickness/disease, death, man searching for salvation
  2. b rituals that bring upon symbolic death of childhood, and spiritual rebirth into adulthood. Both boys and girls- circumcision, Wilyaru (cutting), live alone in wilderness
  3. c one of goals of life; material success and social prestige
  4. d surrender or submission
  5. e healthy, vigorous mind, here and now, practical and attentive to this world

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  1. born 570 AD died 632 AD; married his wife Khadija after being orphaned; was enlightened by Gabriel through a vision; was moved out of Mecca to Yathrib and moved back to Mecca to die
  2. do not take life; do not take what is not given; do not engage in sensuous misconduct; do not use false speech; do not drink intoxicants
  3. Adam, abraham, ishmael, christ, and Muhammad
  4. questions your soul and whether you are good or evil and involves suffering
  5. divine law

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  1. ancestorsdenying a permanent self


  2. divinationthrowing bones or shells then interpreting the pattern in which they fall, for gaining knowledge about an individual's future or about the cause of a personal problem


  3. the Sun Dancecelebrates the new year and prepares the tribe for the annual buffalo hunt; performed in the late spring in a constructed lodge dancing and facing sun until it hurts


  4. vision questseeking spiritual power through an encounter with a guardian spirit usually in the form a of an animal or natural entity, following a period of fasting


  5. li"rite" proper behavior in any given social circumstance (performing a sacred ritual)


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