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  1. functionalism
  2. structuralism
  3. psychiatry
  4. tichener
  5. dualism
  1. a mind and body are separate
  2. b student of wundt, came up with structuralism
  3. c an early school of pschology that used introspection to explore the structural elements of the human mind, focused on what shapes lead to things
  4. d a branch of medicine dealing with psychological disorders; practiced by physicians who sometimes provide medical treatments as well as psychological therapy
  5. e a school of psychology that focuses on how our mental and behavioral processes function and how they enable us to adapt, survive, and flourish. studied their purposes

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  1. scientific study that aims to solve practical problems
  2. the differing complementary views, from biological to psychological to social-cultural, for analyzing any given phenomenon
  3. the view that psychology should be an objective science that studies behavior without reference to mental processes
  4. emphasised experiments, scientific method
  5. mind and body are the same

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  1. mindresponsible for mental processes and important for understanding behavior


  2. wundtestablished first psychology lab and used introspection


  3. early measurement200 BC, Chinese used psychology to place people in appropriate occupations


  4. psychologythe science of behavior and mental processes


  5. john watsonmind and body are the same


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