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  1. behaviorism
  2. john watson
  3. neurobiological perspective
  4. behavioral (learning) perspective
  5. wundt
  1. a psychological perspective that focuses on the effects of biological factors on behavior-brain, genetic factors, drugs
  2. b the view that psychology should be an objective science that studies behavior without reference to mental processes
  3. c behaviorist, interested in the purpose of behavior, similar to behavioral/learning perspective
  4. d psychological perspective that emphasises features of the environment; stimuli, responses, and consequences
  5. e established first psychology lab and used introspection

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  1. the longstanding controversy over the relative contributions that genes and experience make to the defelopment of psychological traits and behaviors. Today's science sees traits and behaviors arising from the interaction of nature and nurture
  2. mind and body are the same
  3. an integrated approach that incorporates biological, psychological, and social-cultural levels of analysis
  4. interested in min-body relations, was a dualist but though there was a small connection between brain and mind, believed only humans had a mind
  5. 200 BC, Chinese used psychology to place people in appropriate occupations

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  1. functionalismmind and body are separate


  2. tichenerstudent of wundt, came up with structuralism


  3. baconestablished first psychology lab and used introspection


  4. stimuliresponsible for mental processes and important for understanding behavior


  5. psychiatrya branch of medicine dealing with psychological disorders; practiced by physicians who sometimes provide medical treatments as well as psychological therapy


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