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  1. tichener
  2. psychodynamic perspective
  3. mind-body relations
  4. stimuli
  5. sociocultural perspective
  1. a psychological perspective that focuses on features of the environment and how they affect behavior, particularily social factors like groups and culture
  2. b some clear, others less clear
  3. c psychological perspective that says unconscious factors (things you are unaware of) influence our behavior-impulses. Influenced by Freud
  4. d student of wundt, came up with structuralism
  5. e relationship with the mind and body (brain)

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  1. psychological perspective emphasising the "mind", which is important for understanding behavior
  2. the longstanding controversy over the relative contributions that genes and experience make to the defelopment of psychological traits and behaviors. Today's science sees traits and behaviors arising from the interaction of nature and nurture
  3. responsible for mental processes and important for understanding behavior
  4. emphasised experiments, scientific method
  5. scientific study that aims to solve practical problems

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  1. early measurement200 BC, Chinese used psychology to place people in appropriate occupations


  2. neurobiological perspectivehistorically significant perspective that emphasized the growth potential of healthy people, free will, and the individual's potential for personal growth-actualization aka positive psychology


  3. william jamesinterested in min-body relations, was a dualist but though there was a small connection between brain and mind, believed only humans had a mind


  4. behavioral (learning) perspectivepsychological perspective that emphasises features of the environment; stimuli, responses, and consequences


  5. psychiatrythe science of behavior and mental processes


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