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  1. Mythology
  2. Props
  3. Hyperbole
  4. Point of View
  5. Acts
  1. a Small portable items that the actors use to make their actions look realistic, such as plates on the set of a kitchen.
  2. b Exaggeration or overstatement, either for comic effect either for comic effect or to express heightened emotion
  3. c the units of the action in a drama
  4. d The Perspective from which a story is told
  5. e A collection of myths

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  1. Human characteristics or personality given to nonhuman subjects, such as animals or natural elements
  2. Often contrasted with comedy, in a tragedy events lead to the downfall of the main character
  3. Expressions such as"It's raining cats and dogs!" that develop in a language, region, community, or class of people that cannot be understood literally
  4. A long, uninterrupted speech that is spoken by a single character
  5. Stories usually told at festivals and around campfires, rather than in shared print.

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  1. Third-Person Point of ViewThe perspective of a character in the story


  2. FablesBrief stories that often feature animals that act like humans


  3. ScreenplaysScripts written for television and often contain similar elements as a screenplay


  4. Tall TalesType of folk tales that often involve a hero that performs impossible feats.


  5. TeleplaysScripts written for television and often contain similar elements as a screenplay


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