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  1. To Entertain
  2. Tragedy
  3. Myths
  4. Mythology
  5. Radio plays
  1. a A collection of myths
  2. b Often contrasted with comedy, in a tragedy events lead to the downfall of the main character
  3. c Biographies, autobiographies and travel narratives are often written for the enjoyment of the audience
  4. d Tales that explain the actions of gods, goddesses, and the heroes who interact with them
  5. e Written to be performed as radio broadcasts

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  1. The people or animals in the story's action
  2. Prose writing that tells about characters and events from the author's imagination
  3. The perspective of a narrator outside the story
  4. Speeches and editorials are often written to convince an audience to convince an audience of a certain idea or opinion
  5. Literature that draws, in part, on real people and events to tell real invented stories.

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  1. Short StoriesBrief works of fiction made up of plot, character, setting, plot, conflict, setting, point of view and theme.


  2. First-Person Point of ViewThe perspective of a character in the story


  3. PropsThe sequence of events that takes you through a story


  4. Queststhe units of the action in a drama


  5. PlotThe sequence of events that takes you through a story


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