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  1. To Inform
  2. Scenes
  3. Fables
  4. Mythology
  5. Drama
  1. a A collection of myths
  2. b Brief stories that often feature animals that act like humans
  3. c Often used to describe plays that address serious subjects
  4. d Articles, reference books, historical essays, and research papers present facts and information
  5. e Acts divided into parts

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  1. Important to the history of a nation or culture
  2. A message about life that a story conveys to its reader
  3. The perspective of a narrator outside the story
  4. Sets of bracketed information to the cast, crew and readers of the drama about sound effects, actions, and sets.
  5. The people or animals in the story's action

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  1. MoodThe overall feeling that the work evokes in the reader


  2. Short StoriesBrief works of fiction made up of plot, character, setting, plot, conflict, setting, point of view and theme.


  3. TeleplaysScripts written for television and often contain similar elements as a screenplay


  4. FictionExpressions such as"It's raining cats and dogs!" that develop in a language, region, community, or class of people that cannot be understood literally


  5. ThemeActs divided into parts


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