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  1. Universal Theme
  2. Third-Person Point of View
  3. Novels
  4. Playwright
  5. Acts
  1. a A theme that can be seen in stories in many different cultures and throughout many different time periods
  2. b The perspective of a narrator outside the story
  3. c Longer works of Fiction that contain the same elements as short stories (characters, plot, conflict, and setting)
  4. d The name of given to the author of a play
  5. e the units of the action in a drama

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  1. Expressions such as"It's raining cats and dogs!" that develop in a language, region, community, or class of people that cannot be understood literally
  2. A message about life that a story conveys to its reader
  3. The sequence of events that takes you through a story
  4. The playwright's technique of creating believable characters
  5. A collection of myths

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  1. ScenesActs divided into parts


  2. ThemeActs divided into parts


  3. ResolutionThe conclusion of the story


  4. Author's StyleConsists of every feature of a writer's use of language, and methods of organization


  5. FictionProse writing that tells about characters and events from the author's imagination


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