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  1. Tragedy
  2. Monologue
  3. Screenplays
  4. Third-Person Point of View
  5. Tall Tales
  1. a A long, uninterrupted speech that is spoken by a single character
  2. b Scripts for films
  3. c Often contrasted with comedy, in a tragedy events lead to the downfall of the main character
  4. d The perspective of a narrator outside the story
  5. e Type of folk tales that often involve a hero that performs impossible feats.

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  1. A problem in the story
  2. A theme that can be seen in stories in many different cultures and throughout many different time periods
  3. Scripts written for television and often contain similar elements as a screenplay
  4. Prose writing that tells about characters and events from the author's imagination
  5. Form of drama that has a happy ending

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  1. Short StoriesThe people or animals in the story's action


  2. ScenesActs divided into parts


  3. CharacterizationThe people or animals in the story's action


  4. SettingThe time and place where the story takes place


  5. Heroes and HeroinesLarger than life figures whose virtues and deeds are often celebrated in stories from the oral tradition


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