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  1. Structure
  2. Rhetorical Question
  3. Myth
  4. Quatrain
  5. Parody
  1. a Work that imitates another work in order to ridicule or ironically comment-similar to satire
  2. b The organization or arrangement of the piece
  3. c An unverifiable story based on religious belief. The characters of ____ are gods and goddesses
  4. d A stanza of four lines
  5. e A question posed but not requiring an answer

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  1. A far-fetched simile or metaphor
  2. A monologue by a character who is not addressing another character. Usually a means of expressing the character's thoughts to the audience. Also called interior monologue
  3. Apparently true statement that leads to a contradiction/situation that defies intuition-seems contradictory but is not
  4. A reference to a familiar person, event, or work of literature or art
  5. From the point of view of the narrator who knows everything about all the characters

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  1. SatireA way of using language. As in a journalistic ____


  2. ThemeA work's mood


  3. CatastropheThe scene in a tragedy which includes the death or moral destruction of the protagonist


  4. DenouementA far-fetched simile or metaphor


  5. CantoA subdivision of an epic poem. Each of the three books of Dante


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