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  1. Synesthesia
  2. Saga
  3. Paradox
  4. Simile
  5. Parody
  1. a One sensory experience described in terms of another sensory experience.
  2. b Work that imitates another work in order to ridicule or ironically comment-similar to satire
  3. c A story of the exploits of a hero, or the story of a family told through several generations
  4. d Apparently true statement that leads to a contradiction/situation that defies intuition-seems contradictory but is not
  5. e The comparison of two things using like or as

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  1. Also called the Resolution, the ___________ is the point in a drama to which the entire play has been leading
  2. Doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention
  3. In literature generally, a major work dealing with an important theme. E.G. "The Odyssey"
  4. True to fact; not exaggerated; actual or factual
  5. Evokes one of the five sense

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  1. EpigramA short poem with a clever twist at the end or a concise or witty statement


  2. ToneA work's mood


  3. QuatrainWords or expressions used by a particular group or profession; nonsensical, incoherent, or meaningless talk


  4. CharacterizationWhen something nonhuman is given human characteristics


  5. AllegoryA symbolical narrative; representing the abstract through the concrete.


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