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  1. Foil
  2. Point of View
  3. Farce
  4. Saga
  5. Couplet
  1. a The perspective from which the work is being expressed
  2. b A story of the exploits of a hero, or the story of a family told through several generations
  3. c A character in a play who sets off the main character or other characters by comparison
  4. d A stanza of two lines
  5. e A type of comedy based on a humorous situation

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  1. Expression intended by the speaker to be less offensive, disturbing, or troubling to the listener than the word or phrase it replaces, makes it less troublesome for the speaker
  2. A brief quotation which appears at the beginning of a literary work.
  3. When an author says one thing and means something else
  4. The plan of action, the way writers writes to convey what he/she is trying to convey
  5. Stanza that combines different types of sonnets (Shakespearean, Italian, Petrarchan); A poetic stanza of eight lines, usually forming one part of a sonnet

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  1. Narrative PoemA poem which tells a story. Usually a long poem, sometimes even book length


  2. Concrete PoetryA poem that visually resembles something found in the physical world. E.G. A poem about a wormy apple written so that the words form the shape of an apple


  3. AnecdoteA stanza of three lines


  4. GrotesqueIn the Middle Ages, tales of exciting adventures written in the vernacular (French) instead of Latin. Tales of chivalry or amorous adventure occurring in King Arthur's court


  5. Rhetorical DevicesTechnique that an author or speaker uses to evoke an emotional response in his audience.


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