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  1. Italian
  2. Hyperbole
  3. Novel
  4. Figure of Speech
  5. Structure
  1. a A fictional prose work of substantial length
  2. b The organization or arrangement of the piece
  3. c Form as typified in the sonnets of Petrarch is abbaabba cdecde
  4. d An example of figurative language that states something that is not literally true in order to create an effect
  5. e Obvious and intentional exaggeration

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  1. Place, time, surroundings of where the literature takes place/occurs. As in a contemporary setting
  2. Speech or writing used to give an abstract meaning
  3. A subdivision of an epic poem. Each of the three books of Dante
  4. Words or expressions used by a particular group or profession; nonsensical, incoherent, or meaningless talk
  5. The part of a drama which follows the climax and leads to the resolution

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  1. Point of ViewThe perspective from which the work is being expressed


  2. SymbolThe comparison of two things using like or as


  3. DidacticTexts that have instructive, factual, and educational information


  4. EuphemismIn literature generally, a major work dealing with an important theme. E.G. "The Odyssey"


  5. SimileA character in a play who sets off the main character or other characters by comparison


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