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  1. invoke
  2. corpulent
  3. pronouncement
  4. figment
  5. unanimous
  1. a v. To call on for support
  2. b n. A declaration of opiniom; judgement
  3. c n. Something invented or imaginary
  4. d adj. Extremely fat; obese
  5. e adj. Showing complete agreement

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  1. adj. Skilled; expert at
  2. adj. Comparable to; like
  3. adj. Happening by good fortune
  4. n. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes
  5. n. An official order

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  1. ineptadj. Unskilled; clumsy


  2. infusev. To call on for support


  3. antagonizen. the central character in a work of literature


  4. exactingadj. Demanding


  5. superlativeadj. Excellent; above all others


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