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  1. uniform
  2. dissonance
  3. belligerence
  4. figment
  5. philosophical
  1. a n. Something invented or imaginary
  2. b adj. Calm and wise; reasonable
  3. c n. Warlike mood or attitude
  4. d adj. The same all the way throughout; consistent
  5. e n. Unpleasant or unharmonious sound

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  1. adj. Extremely fat; obese
  2. adj. Tending to grow or move towards light
  3. n. In one voice
  4. v. To get in the way of; hinder
  5. adj. Careful; mindful of rules and consequences

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  1. disenchantedn. Unpleasant or unharmonious sound


  2. auditoryn. In one voice


  3. adeptadj. Skilled; expert at


  4. prefiguren. A group that attends an important person


  5. elucidatev. To make clear by explaining


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