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  1. dilate
  2. uniform
  3. confound
  4. revoke
  5. divest
  1. a v. To widen
  2. b v. To strip or remove a title or position of authority
  3. c v. To confuse and frustrate
  4. d adj. The same all the way throughout; consistent
  5. e v. To make invalid; deactivate

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  1. n. Skilled or suitability for
  2. n. An official order
  3. n. A bad imitation of; a perversion of
  4. n. A teacher, especially on ewho is dull and narrow-minded
  5. v. To make clear by explaining

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  1. monolithicn. A speech made by a single person


  2. tenaciousadj. Showing complete agreement


  3. pronouncementn. That which is exsepcted


  4. pedantn. One possessing abundant knowledge of minor, often uninteresting, things


  5. photogenicadj. Attractive in pictures or photographs


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