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  1. pedestrian
  2. invidious
  3. incantation
  4. enamored
  5. circumspect
  1. a adj. Fond of; feeling love towards
  2. b n. Ritual chant; spell
  3. c adj. Hateful or spiteful
  4. d adj. Careful; mindful of rules and consequences
  5. e adj. Lacking excitement; ordinary and dull

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  1. v. To cause to move towards; push
  2. adj. Occuring before a war
  3. v. To confuse and frustrate
  4. v. To use up; waste
  5. v. To not do something; refrain

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  1. iniquityv. To charge with a crime; accuse


  2. implementv. to put into action; execute


  3. dialoguen. Communication between two or more people


  4. equilibriumn. Balance; steadiness


  5. phototropicadj. Tending to grow or move towards light


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