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  1. affable
  2. aptitude
  3. posit
  4. equitable
  5. prosepct
  1. a adj. Easy to converse with; friendly
  2. b v. To put forth; assert
  3. c n. Skilled or suitability for
  4. d adj. Fair, just
  5. e n. That which is exsepcted

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  1. adj. Fond of; feeling love towards
  2. n. A thorough review
  3. n. Balance; steadiness
  4. n. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes
  5. v. To act hostile towards; provoke

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  1. corpulentadj. Extremely fat; obese


  2. pedagoguen. One possessing abundant knowledge of minor, often uninteresting, things


  3. invidiousadj. Comparable to; like


  4. vestmentn. Clothing worn to symbolize religious or political authority


  5. inaudibleadj. So quiet as to be impossible to hear


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