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  1. providential
  2. retinue
  3. pedagogue
  4. provocative
  5. invidious
  1. a adj. Happening by good fortune
  2. b adj. Hateful or spiteful
  3. c n. A teacher, especially on ewho is dull and narrow-minded
  4. d n. A group that attends an important person
  5. e adj. Causing disturbance or excitement

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  1. adj. Demanding
  2. v. To look like or predict a later thing or event
  3. v. To pronounce or articulate
  4. v. To put forth; assert
  5. adj. Skilled; expert at

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  1. dissonancen. Unpleasant or unharmonious sound


  2. amicableaadj. Easy to converse with; friendly


  3. propelv. To forcibly place upon


  4. bibliophileadj. Warlike in nature


  5. relativeadj. Dependent upon


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