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  1. delegate
  2. travesty
  3. relative
  4. dialogue
  5. recant
  1. a adj. Dependent upon
  2. b n. Communication between two or more people
  3. c v. To formally withdraw
  4. d n. A bad imitation of; a perversion of
  5. e v. To divide up, especially responsibilities

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  1. adj. Extremely fat; obese
  2. adj. Hateful or spiteful
  3. v. To pronounce or articulate
  4. adj. Showing complete agreement
  5. adj. Having an effect; powerful

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  1. inaudibleadj. Childish; immature


  2. imposev. To forcibly place upon


  3. homonymv. To bring back to rightness, order or morality


  4. incorporateadj. Having to do with the body


  5. dispositionn. Attitude or mood


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