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  1. misinformation
  2. dialogue
  3. exacting
  4. infuse
  5. relative
  1. a n. Untrue or wrong information
  2. b adj. Demanding
  3. c n. Communication between two or more people
  4. d adj. Dependent upon
  5. e v. To inject; to fill something or someone with

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  1. adj. Excellent; above all others
  2. v. To make clear by explaining
  3. v. To bring back to rightness, order or morality
  4. adj. Fond of; feeling love towards
  5. adj. Ununtterable, indescribable

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  1. monolithicv. To use or take so as to prevent others from using or taking


  2. corporealadj. Having to do with the body


  3. belligerencen. Warlike mood or attitude


  4. effigyn. An official order


  5. unisonn. In one voice


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