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  1. providential
  2. antagonist
  3. impediment
  4. pronouncement
  5. audit
  1. a n. A thorough review
  2. b n. One who is hostile towards; one who opposes
  3. c n. Something that gets in the way; obstacle
  4. d adj. Happening by good fortune
  5. e n. A declaration of opiniom; judgement

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  1. n. Desire to aviod; disgust
  2. adj. Exactly the same throughout; lacking any diversity
  3. adj. Easy to converse with; friendly
  4. adj. Warlike in nature
  5. adj. Ununtterable, indescribable

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  1. exactingadj. Demanding


  2. dissonanceadj. Having an effect; powerful


  3. renouncev. To reject by declaration


  4. enamoredadj. The same all the way throughout; consistent


  5. relativeadj. Excellent; above all others


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