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  1. prefigure
  2. elucidate
  3. provocative
  4. antagonize
  5. antebellum
  1. a adj. Causing disturbance or excitement
  2. b v. To act hostile towards; provoke
  3. c adj. Occuring before a war
  4. d v. To look like or predict a later thing or event
  5. e v. To make clear by explaining

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  1. v. To divide up, especially responsibilities
  2. adj. Tending to grow or move towards light
  3. n. Warlike mood or attitude
  4. n. Ritual chant; spell
  5. v. To charge with a crime; accuse

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  1. dictumn. An official order


  2. retinuen. A group that attends an important person


  3. enamoredv. To confuse and frustrate


  4. protagonistn. the central character in a work of literature


  5. providentialadj. Happening by good fortune


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