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physics chapter2 Test

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  1. what is acoustic propagation
  2. destructive interference
  3. what happens to the molecules in a medium as sound waves pass through?
  4. what is used to accurately describe the characteristics of a sound wave
  5. what kind of line does sound travel in
  1. a straight or longitudinal
  2. b the molecules are alternately compressed and rarefied (stretched apart)
  3. c the effects of the medium upon the sound wave (compression and rarefication)
  4. d there are 7 acoustic parameters: period, frequency, amplitude, power, intensity, wavelength, propagation speed----wif papp
  5. e the resultant wave is smaller (of lesser amplitude) than either one of its components

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  1. sound, light, magnetic, and heat
  2. sound pulses through biologic tissue or media and reflections arising from structures in the body return to the xducer and are processed into images
  3. cm,mm
  4. particles move in the same direction that the wave propagates
  5. pascals (Pa)

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  1. transverse wavea pair of waves are considered in phase when their peaks (maximum values) and troughs (minimum values) occur at the same time and in the same location


  2. what does sound need to traveloscillations in acoustic variables


  3. interference of waves with different frequencieswhen the frequencies of the waves differ, both constructive and destructive interference occur


  4. what is constructive interferencethe resultant wave is smaller (of lesser amplitude) than either one of its components


  5. what do waves doall waves carry energy


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