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  1. Goal was to restore the catholic church. Sends the Spanish armada to England as an effort to force the nation back to catholicism
  2. This was the man who influenced the power of King Louis XIII the most and tried to make France an absolute monarchy. Advised Louis xiii because he was to young
  3. Claims to be the sun king. Taught many expensive wars. Moved his palace to versatiles. Was advised by Jean baptist colbert.

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  1. Suleiman the magnificentEncouraged tolerance


  2. Catherine the GreatKing of Prussia (1740-1786). Successful in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748) and the Seven Years' War (1756-1763), he brought Prussia great military prestige in Europe. Invited heugenots to Prussia and resulted in an increase in the Prussian army. Military genius


  3. Henry of Navarre (Henry iv)-Franceczar of Russia who introduced ideas from western Europe to reform the government. Went incognito to bring back ideas from western European nations to Russia . Very tall man


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