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  1. Sciencetific observation
  2. Nature
  3. difference-equals-deficit error
  4. sensitive period
  5. Urie Bronfenbrenner
  1. a a time when a certain type of development is most likely to happen and happens most easily. If that development does not occur duing this time, it could still occur later. Example: early childhood is considered a sensitive period for language learning. Example: Language
  2. b This theorist created the ecological model which states that development is influenced by several environmental systems
  3. c the mistaked belief that a deviation from some norm is necessarily inferior to behavior or characteristics that meet the standard
  4. d a general term for the traits, capacities, and limitations that each individual inherits genetically from his or her parents at the moment of conception. ( refers to the influence of genes that people inherit)
  5. e a method of testing a hypotheses by unobtrusively watchin and recording participants behavior in systematic and objective manner in a netural setting in a laboratory or in searches of achivial data.

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  1. A way to answer questions that requires empircal research and date based conclusions.
  2. Consists of the relationships that exist between two or more persons in the developing person's life (parent to parent, teacher to parent) connections between microsystems
  3. One way to consider a broader perspective on each person
  4. The repetition of a study usinf different participants.
  5. the larger social setting, including cultural values, economic policies, and ploitical processes.

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  1. Ecological-system approacha view of human development as an ongoing, ever-changing interaction between the physical and emotional being and between the person and every aspect of his or her environment, including the family and society


  2. trust vs mistrustbabies either trust that others will care for their basic needs including norishment, warmth, cleaniness, and physical contact, or develop mestrust about the care of others.


  3. MulticulturalA general term for all the environmental influences that affect development after an individual is conceived. (Refers to enviromental influences, begining with the health and diet of the embbroy's mother and continuing lifelong)


  4. dynamic- systems approachThe view that in the study of human development the person should be considered in all the contexts and interactions that consittute a life.


  5. Grand Theoriespsychoanalytic theory, behaviorism, and cognitive theories.


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