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  1. Multicultural
  2. social construction
  3. Plasticity
  4. anal stage
  5. multicontextual approach
  1. a the idea that throughout life humans can be molded like plastic.
  2. b An idea that is built on shared perceptions not on objective reality. Many age related terms, such as childhood, adolescence, yuppie, and senior citizen, are social constructions.
  3. c anus, tolet training (1-3 years)
  4. d One way to consider a broader perspective on each person
  5. e recognizes that the dynamic changes each person undergoes are influenced by many different cultural variables.

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  1. Consists of the relationships that exist between two or more persons in the developing person's life (parent to parent, teacher to parent) connections between microsystems
  2. a hybrid research method in which researchers first study several groups od people of different ages (a cross-sectional approach) and then follow those groups over the years (a longitudinal approach). Also called cohort-sequential research or time-sequential research
  3. time system
  4. People whose ancestors were born in the same region and wo often share a lanugage, culture, and religion.
  5. A research design in which the same individuals are folled over time and their development is repeatedly assessed.

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  1. Case studyis an intensive studey of one individual


  2. hypothesisA specific prediction that is stated in such a way that ir can be tested and either confirmed or refuted.


  3. bioecological theorya person's position in society as determined by income, wealth, occupation, education, place of residence, and other factors. Example: middle class


  4. science of human developmentBiosocial development; Cognitive Development: Phychosocial Development.


  5. code of ethicsA specific prediction that is stated in such a way that ir can be tested and either confirmed or refuted.


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