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  1. The chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to cure disease or relieve pain.
  2. Moral values
  3. a prediction by a wise person, or a person who makes a prediction
  4. a farmer with a small farm

  5. An instrument, which uses the earth's magnetic field to show direction.
  6. A body of unelected government officials.

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  1. lordsA hard gemstone often used in jewelry


  2. diffusion
    Garment that is soft and light made by the silkworms and very valuable.


  3. gunpowder
    A mixture of poweders used in guns and explosives.


  4. scholar-officialAn educated member of the government.


  5. woodblock printingA form of printing in which an enitre page is carved into a block of wood.


  6. silkA hard gemstone often used in jewelry


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