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  1. Ms. Kelly
  2. Kim
  3. Dylan
  4. Clara
  5. Sydnie
  1. a Diva artist
  2. b goes to lots of Saints games-lucky dog!
  3. c fastest worker in the class
  4. d loves to read Jane Austen novels
  5. e has a facebook!

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  1. her mama works in the office
  2. girl who cleans up after you guys
  3. Dad keeps him quiet
  4. good photographer
  5. master of mythology

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  1. Anthonyobviously is allergic to his seat in his desk


  2. Ms. Donnacomes up with lots of creative projects


  3. KaylaTeaches us about Arabic culture


  4. Jarrodgood photographer


  5. Andreabeautiful head of hair


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