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  1. Dylan
  2. Nicole
  3. Parker
  4. Rebekah
  5. Ramon
  1. a girl who cleans up after you guys
  2. b her mama works in the office
  3. c obviously is allergic to his seat in his desk
  4. d Hollywood-bound
  5. e goes to lots of Saints games-lucky dog!

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  1. Diva artist
  2. boy who cleans up your mess
  3. teaches us about Jewish culture
  4. flies in private jets
  5. never ties his shoes

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  1. Ms. Kellyaka...Mrs. Brees


  2. Haileychatty cheerleader


  3. Anthonykills dogs in his stories


  4. KalebAggleburger!


  5. Jarrodgonna probably be in the NFL


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