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  1. Units of Modulus of elasticity
  2. ___________represents the ability of a material to sustain a large permanent deformation under a <b>tensile</b> load before it fractures.
  3. Elastic strain
  4. Plastic deformation occurs when the ______________ within the prosthesis is exceeded.
  5. Three types of stress in dentistry:
  1. a Giganewtons per square meter (GN/m²), or gigapascals (<b>GPa</b>)
  2. b 1. tensile stress
    2. shear stress
    3. compressive stress
  3. c Deformation that is recovered upon removal of an externally applied force or pressure.
  4. d Plastic deformation occurs when the <b>elastic stress limit (proportional limit)</b> within the prosthesis is exceeded.
  5. e

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  1. b. dentin is tougher!

    the more flexible material is the tougher it is. enamel is brittle
  2. Force per unit area acting on the external surface of a material.

  3. • The <b>stress</b> at which a test specimen exhibits a specific amount of plastic strain (0.2%)

    • The YS at 0.2% strain offset from the origin is 1536 MPa in this case.

  4. maximum elastic stress (proportional limit)
  5. 38%

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  1. Poisson's ratiothe ratio of horizontal extension to vertical compression.

    Most engineering materials have values of approximately <b>0.3</b>


  2. Shear stressMaximum shear stress at the point of fracture of a test specimen.


  3. Tensile strength for:

    a. Dental porcelain
    b. Amalgam
    c. Resin-based composite
    d. Poly
    e. Alumnia ceramic
    a. Dental porcelain → 50-100 MPa
    b. Amalgam → 27-55 MPa
    c. Resin-based composite → 30-90 MPa
    d. Poly → 60 MPa
    e. Alumnia ceramic → 120 MPa


  4. the stress above which stress is no longer proportional to strain.Force per unit area of a material subjected to flexural loading.


  5. Strength depends on what factors: (4)
    Area or point of significantly higher stress associated with a structural discontinuity such as a crack or pore or a marked change in dimension of a structure.


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