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  1. Compressive strength
  2. The fracture toughness of dentin varies by a factor of 3 as a function:
  3. if stress/strain value is very small the materials are said to be:
  4. Shear strength
  5. Tensile strength for:

    a. Dental porcelain
    b. Amalgam
    c. Resin-based composite
    d. Poly
    e. Alumnia ceramic
  1. a of enamel rod orientation.
  2. b flexible

    The <b>maximum flexibility</b> is defined as the flexural strain that occurs when the material is stressed to its proportional limit.
  3. c Maximum shear stress at the point of fracture of a test specimen.
  4. d Compressive <b>stress</b> within a compression test specimen at the point of fracture.

    note: compressive stress -Ratio of compressive force to cross-sectional area perpendicular to the axis of applied force.
  5. e a. Dental porcelain → 50-100 MPa
    b. Amalgam → 27-55 MPa
    c. Resin-based composite → 30-90 MPa
    d. Poly → 60 MPa
    e. Alumnia ceramic → 120 MPa

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  1. 1. Compressive strength
    2. proportional limit
    4. ductility
  2. Relative ability of a material to deform physically under a <b>tensile</b> stress before it fractures
  3. resilience

    the term resilience is associated with 'springiness'

  4. ductility
  5. Because of the reduction in area, the force required to increase deformation actually decreases.

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  1. Maximum stress that is required to cause fracture is called _________.Toughness increases with increases in strength and ductility.


  2. which tooth structure has the hgiher <b>propotional limit</b> and <b>modulus of elasticity</b>?

    a. enamel
    b. dentin
    a. increases

    although ductility of the metal ↓↓


  3. StressForce per unit area within a structure subjected to an external force or pressure (See Pressure).


  4. Strain
    Change in length per unit initial length.

    Units are in %


  5. When a metal had been stressed beyond its proportional limit, the hardness and strength of the metal ________ at the area of deformation.

    a. increases
    b. decreases

    a. enamel


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