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  1. Elastic modulus
  2. ___________represents the ability of a material to sustain a large permanent deformation under a <b>tensile</b> load before it fractures.
  3. Stress
  4. Three types of stress in dentistry:
  5. Shear stress is calculated by dividing the force by the area ________ to the force direction.

    a. perpendicular
    b. parallel
  1. a 1. tensile stress
    2. shear stress
    3. compressive stress
  2. b Force per unit area within a structure subjected to an external force or pressure (See Pressure).
  3. c Relative stiffness of a material; ratio of elastic stress to elastic strain
  4. d
  5. e b. parallel

    brackets for braces is a good example

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  1. Plastic deformation occurs when the <b>elastic stress limit (proportional limit)</b> within the prosthesis is exceeded.
  2. Ratio of applied force to the actual cross-sectional area; however, for convenience stress is often calculated as the ratio of applied force to the initial cross-sectional area.
  3. Compressive <b>stress</b> within a compression test specimen at the point of fracture.

    note: compressive stress -Ratio of compressive force to cross-sectional area perpendicular to the axis of applied force.
  4. of enamel rod orientation.
  5. composites followed by porcelain, PMMA, amalgam and alumina.

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  1. Units of Modulus of elasticityGiganewtons per square meter (GN/m²), or gigapascals (<b>GPa</b>)


  2. Which is more stronger in tesnion?

    a. enamel
    b. dentin

    b. dentin

    dentin → 50 MPa
    enamel → 10 MPa


  3. Maximum stress that is required to cause fracture is called _________.Ultimate strength


  4. From mechanical property point of view, why isn't it a good idea to burnish amalgam, composites, ceramics and nonresin luting agents?Stress and/or strain


  5. What does the straight line in the strain-stress curve represent?
    the region represents <b>reversible</b> elastic deformation, because the stress remains below the proportional limit.


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