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  1. The material in all cells that carries an organism's hereditary information
  2. The study of the stages of development of unborn offspring
  3. Using the amounts of chemical elements (that break down at a certain rate) to find the age of a fossil or rock
  4. The practice of finding the age of a fossil or rock using its position above or below other layers
  5. An inherited trait that makes and individual different from other members of the same species
  6. When the remains of an organism are found inside tree sap

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  1. Punctuated EquilibriumA model of evolution, showing a rapid change of a species cause by the mutation of just a few genes


  2. Macro-evolutionThe changing of an organism's genetics, over a long period of time, which produces a new kind of organism


  3. Homologous structuresParts of an organism that do not seem to have any purpose for that organism


  4. Cast fossilWhen the remains of an organism are found inside tree sap


  5. FossilRemains of life from an earlier time


  6. Micro-evolutionThe changing of an organism's genetics enough that new variations of the same kind of organism become more common


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