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  1. decolonization
  2. compact states
  3. dependency ratio
  4. agricultural density
  5. branch
  1. a the number of farmers per given areas of land. 100 farmers: 1000 acres of land
  2. b process of countries becoming independent from their colonial rulers; Mexico becomes independent; Happy Cinco DeMayo
  3. c the first division of a religion: Christianity has three
  4. d ideal shape of state in which the shape allows for more effective administration of the space/county
  5. e the amount of people in a population under th age of 15

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  1. land of the state is separated by by water or another country. "take me to Chocolate Hills please"
  2. ara organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government
  3. migrants tend to be younger, single, and male
  4. the world's largest ethnic religion
  5. control a territory that is already inhabited

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  1. eurostateless nation


  2. carrying capacitythe amount of people a given area can support


  3. apartheidara organized into a political unit and ruled by an established government


  4. Ratzel's "organic theory"states that do not expand their land area would disintegrate like an organism that fails to find food.


  5. nationgroup of people with common ethnic and poltical identity, or cultural centrepetal force like a football team. Go Gators!


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