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  1. Hinduism
  2. BRP
  3. agricultural density
  4. dependency ratio
  5. physiological density
  1. a the number of farmers per given areas of land. 100 farmers: 1000 acres of land
  2. b the world's largest ethnic religion
  3. c number of people supported by a unit area of arable land; land that can be used to grow stuff, like beets, "right Tinky Winky?"
  4. d the amount of people in a population under th age of 15
  5. e dialect associated with upper class Britons

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  1. stateless nation
  2. control of territory previously unoccupied. "yea right", -Chief Buffalohead
  3. common language can be used for purposes like international communication
  4. group of people with common ethnic and poltical identity, or cultural centrepetal force like a football team. Go Gators!
  5. control a territory that is already inhabited

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  1. decolonizationprocess of countries becoming independent from their colonial rulers; Mexico becomes independent; Happy Cinco DeMayo


  2. elongated statewithin these states there is another state that is completely surrounded by them.


  3. sovereigntythe supreme and absolute authority within territorial boundaries


  4. diasporapart of Jewish history as they have been scattered from their hearth for generations


  5. hierarchical diffusionhow the amish culture spread to America


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