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  1. ascendancy (n.)
  2. impart (v.)
  3. propagate (v.)
  4. belittle (v.)
  5. amorous (adj.)
  1. a To reproduce OR To cause to reproduce OR to foster the spread of
  2. b To make known, disclose OR To bestow
  3. c To present or speak of little value
  4. d Expressing love or the state of being in love
  5. e Controlling influence

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  1. v. To support by giving financial aid
    n. A grant of money, often provided by a government to a group or individual
  2. Not yet fully developed OR Elementary
  3. To consider; to believe
  4. To admit to be true OR To grant or let have
  5. To put an idea into a form that can be seen OR To make part of a system; incorporate

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  1. vociferous (adj.)Making one's feelings know in a loud way


  2. voluble (adj.)Close to death; in a dying state


  3. injunction (n.)An ungrateful person


  4. censure (v.) or (n.)v. To blame or find fault with
    n. A severe criticism or harsh judgement


  5. apropos (adj.)Fitting the occasion


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