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Art History II Test

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  1. intonaco
  2. Impost block
  3. arriccio
  4. Sgraffito
  5. sinopia
  1. a rough, thick undercoat of plaster
  2. b fresh, thin coat of very fine plaster
  3. c decoration made by incising or cutting away a surface layer of material to reveal a different color beneath
  4. d underdrawings
  5. e block serving to concentrate the weight above; between capital of column and springing or arch above

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. having city pride
  2. bell tower
  3. "palace;" large family home or government building
  4. a method of creating the illusion of 3D space on a 2D surface by delineating a horizon line and multiple orthogonal lines that recede to meet one or more points on the horizon
  5. covered open-aired corridor

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  1. piazza"palace;" large family home or government building


  2. buon frescothe lord


  3. gessoa cathedral which is the seat of the bishop


  4. Giornataa days work


  5. Pietra serenagreek manner


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