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  1. maniera greca
  2. gesso
  3. Impost block
  4. loggia
  5. Giornata
  1. a covered open-aired corridor
  2. b ground made from glue, gypsum, chalk forming the ground of a wood panel or the priming layer of a canvas, provides a smooth surface for painting
  3. c a days work
  4. d block serving to concentrate the weight above; between capital of column and springing or arch above
  5. e greek manner

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  1. monochrome paintings in shade of gray
  2. a cathedral which is the seat of the bishop
  3. a basic unit of measure that could be multipled or divided and applied to every element of the design
  4. having city pride
  5. rough, thick undercoat of plaster

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  1. buon frescopaint applied with water based paints on wet plaster


  2. Rusticatedmonochrome paintings in shade of gray


  3. piazza"palace;" large family home or government building


  4. signorethe lord


  5. palazzosquare


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