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  1. buon fresco
  2. historiated crucifix
  3. piazza
  4. duomo
  5. Pietra serena
  1. a paint applied with water based paints on wet plaster
  2. b the narrative scenes flank christs body
  3. c square
  4. d a cathedral which is the seat of the bishop
  5. e a gray Tuscan sandstone; architectural details engraved in this

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  1. paint applied to dry plastered wall (paint tends to flake off)
  2. the rough, irregular and unfinished effect deliberately given to the exterior facing of a stone edifice
  3. rough, thick undercoat of plaster
  4. bell tower
  5. a basic unit of measure that could be multipled or divided and applied to every element of the design

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  1. campanelismohaving city pride


  2. loggiasquare


  3. gessoa cathedral which is the seat of the bishop


  4. Sgraffitodecoration made by incising or cutting away a surface layer of material to reveal a different color beneath


  5. palazzosquare


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