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  1. companele
  2. Sgraffito
  3. fresco secco
  4. palazzo
  5. Pietra serena
  1. a decoration made by incising or cutting away a surface layer of material to reveal a different color beneath
  2. b paint applied to dry plastered wall (paint tends to flake off)
  3. c "palace;" large family home or government building
  4. d a gray Tuscan sandstone; architectural details engraved in this
  5. e bell tower

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  1. block serving to concentrate the weight above; between capital of column and springing or arch above
  2. a method of creating the illusion of 3D space on a 2D surface by delineating a horizon line and multiple orthogonal lines that recede to meet one or more points on the horizon
  3. rough, thick undercoat of plaster
  4. monochrome paintings in shade of gray
  5. having city pride

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  1. signoreunderdrawings


  2. gessoa cathedral which is the seat of the bishop


  3. intonacounderdrawings


  4. loggiaa basic unit of measure that could be multipled or divided and applied to every element of the design


  5. historiated crucifixthe narrative scenes flank christs body


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