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alfred e smith

the main opponent of prohibitionisht herbert hoover in the 1928 presidential election was

a sudden fall in stock prices

in the fall of 1929 a wave of panic selling gripped the stock market as a result of

unemployment for millions of workers

the crash led to

led to a worlwide depression

the collapse of the american economic system

the dust bowl

a major enviormental crisis of the 1930s was known as

laid off workers losing their homes

the rise in homelessness mainly resulted from

could not pay their mortgages

many farms were auctioned off when farmers

poor diet and anxiety

peoples physical and mental health declined as a result of

accused of taking jobs away from men

during the depression working women were

voluntary controls by american businesses

hoover believed that the best way to end the depression was through

the hawley smoot tariff

international trade slowed down as a result of

used force

to get the bonus army marchers to leave the capital gerneral macarthur

a new deal for americans

roosevelt easily won the 1932 presidential election by promising

to inspect the financial health of the banks

why did FDR declare a bank holiday early in his administration

do more for ordinary americans

the second new deal aimed to

going too far in its attempts to reform the economy

many republicans criticized the new deal for

fdrs attempt to pack the supreme court

which of the following arouse the greatest opposition

legalized and grew stronger

under the new deal labor unions were

a rise in union membership

in the short run the wagner act led to

often provided a temporary escape for struggling americans

in the late 1930s movies


the key even tat will trigger the start of the great depression was when the stock market crashed on black tuesday


the advantage people in the rural areas had over the cities was the fact that they had enough food to eat


direct relief is defined as when the government gives everyone a job


the bonus army incident greatly improved president hoovers image in america


a fireside chat was when pres roosevelt went on the radio to talk directly to the american people about what was going on in the country


deficit spending is best defined as when a government spends more money than it makes in a year


social security was created only to help retired people in america


one good habit that people developed during the great depression was that they became thriftier


labor union membership greatly increased during the 1930s in american


the new deal coalition were groups who were opposed to fdrs new deal programs

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