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  1. ecosystem
  2. specialists
  3. consensus science
  4. adaptive trait
  5. fundamental niche
  1. a narrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear
  2. b a fundamental system consisting of a community, its nonliving environment, and the interrupt
  3. c how much space could a species inhabit and survive
  4. d data, theories, and laws that are 1) peer reviewed, 2) tested, and 3) are widely accepted by experts in a specific field
  5. e traits that increase fitness, can survive and reproduce. Found through mutations and sex

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  1. an educated prediction that can be tested and proven true or false
  2. the sum total of living things on Earth and the areas that inhabit
  3. oppurtunists, high biotic potential (high r), little parental care, high mortality rate, many offspring, generalist niches, poor competitors, good colonizers
  4. organisms that change their environment ex. leaf cutter ants, humans, beavers
  5. patterns observed in nature that never change

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  1. false dichotomyonly two options, despite the information to the contrary


  2. carrying capacity (k)an environments ability to sustain a population (food, water, space, mates,etc), leads to a logistic curve (s curve)


  3. symbiosisan educated prediction that can be tested and proven true or false


  4. pseudosciencenonscientific knowledge or practices "dressed up" as science, can't be tested


  5. pioneer speciesfirst species to come back after a primary succession disturbance ex. lycans, fungi, bacteria


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