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  1. biotic potential
  2. pioneer species
  3. scientific law
  4. amensalism
  5. trophic cascade
  1. a a series of changes in a population sizes of organisms at different trophic levels in a food chain, occurring when predators indirectly promote populations of organisms by keeping the levels in check ex. aspen trees in yellowstone
  2. b when one species is harmed while the other feels no effect whatsoever
  3. c patterns observed in nature that never change
  4. d an organisms capacity to produce offspring
  5. e first species to come back after a primary succession disturbance ex. lycans, fungi, bacteria

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  1. a coevolutionary arms race where prey evolves better defenses and predators evolve better ways to get around them ex. Koala bears stomach vs. the toxicity of eucalyptus, flu viruses
  2. nonscientific knowledge or practices "dressed up" as science, can't be tested
  3. process of creating a new species from an older species
  4. a statement that does not follow a previos comment
  5. the space a species actually has due to other organisms or limitations

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  1. producersautotrpohs "self feeders" such as green plants, cyanobacteria, or algae


  2. invasive speciesan exotic species that have or are likely too cause ecological harm, (high biotic potential, lack predators and pathogens, low competition)


  3. specialistsnarrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear


  4. scientific methoda formalized method for testing ideas with observations that involves several assumptions and a more or less consistant series of steps


  5. false dichotomyonly two options, despite the information to the contrary


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