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  1. environmentalism
  2. scientific law
  3. junk science
  4. Fredrick Clements
  5. environmental science
  1. a patterns observed in nature that never change
  2. b "Communities are cohesive entities" the super organism
  3. c the study of how the world works
  4. d agenda driven science, could be political, financial, or anything, and it does not pass peer review
  5. e social movement dedicated to protecting the natural world

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  1. a series of changes in a population sizes of organisms at different trophic levels in a food chain, occurring when predators indirectly promote populations of organisms by keeping the levels in check ex. aspen trees in yellowstone
  2. narrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear
  3. oppurtunists, high biotic potential (high r), little parental care, high mortality rate, many offspring, generalist niches, poor competitors, good colonizers
  4. competitors, low biotic potential (low r), more parental care, lower mortality rate, long gestation ad few larger offspring, specialist niches, good competitors, poor colonizers
  5. =Population change

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  1. distributioncan be random (trees if dispersed by wind or water), uniform (nesting birds and animals with territories or actively avoid each other) or clump (fish, their resources are clumped so they clump to get them, an for protection)


  2. realized nichethe space a species actually has due to other organisms or limitations


  3. Ad hominemlifestyle and how an organism lives


  4. ecosystemthe sum total of living things on Earth and the areas that inhabit


  5. natural sciencenonscientific knowledge or practices "dressed up" as science, can't be tested


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