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  1. habitat
  2. commensalism
  3. secondary succession
  4. biosphere
  5. ecosystem
  1. a the sum total of living things on Earth and the areas that inhabit
  2. b a fundamental system consisting of a community, its nonliving environment, and the interrupt
  3. c when one species is benefited while the other feels no effect whatsoever
  4. d fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, farming, a smaller disturbance that only brings an area back to bare soil, not rock
  5. e where an organism lives

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  1. an organism that can live in a broad range of environments ex. humans, rats, cockroaches, raccoons
  2. novel hypotheses that are not yet widely tested
  3. a close relationship, either parasitism or mutualism
  4. distraction from argument
  5. attack the speaker, not the subject/issue

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  1. realized nicheto bounce back quickly after being harmed by a disturbance


  2. stabilizingnormal bell curve, middle survive the best


  3. environmental sciencethe study of how the world works


  4. Biological evolutionan organisms capacity to produce offspring


  5. extinctionmembers of the same species who live and potentially breed together


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