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  1. disruptive
  2. (b+i)-(d+e)
  3. climax community
  4. carrying capacity (k)
  5. environmentalism
  1. a the extremes are favored for survival of the species (speciation)
  2. b social movement dedicated to protecting the natural world
  3. c an environments ability to sustain a population (food, water, space, mates,etc), leads to a logistic curve (s curve)
  4. d =Population change
  5. e a community that remains unchanging until a disturbance cause it to change, now thought to be more variable than this

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  1. glaciers, volcanoes, a large disturbance that even removes the soil
  2. data, theories, and laws that are 1) peer reviewed, 2) tested, and 3) are widely accepted by experts in a specific field
  3. storms, natural disasters such as volcanoes pr earth quakes. What do these things have in common?
  4. process of creating a new species from an older species
  5. explanation of unchanging patterns that are tested and can be changed

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  1. hypothesisan educated prediction that can be tested and proven true or false


  2. pseudosciencenonscientific knowledge or practices "dressed up" as science, can't be tested


  3. scientific methodwhen a species dies and can't be found anywhere else


  4. distributiontype of adaption when a species moves to either one extreme or the other


  5. specieslifestyle and how an organism lives


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