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Biosphere at Risk Exam 1 Test

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  1. secondary succession
  2. density-independent factors
  3. r-selected species
  4. pioneer species
  5. biotic potential
  1. a oppurtunists, high biotic potential (high r), little parental care, high mortality rate, many offspring, generalist niches, poor competitors, good colonizers
  2. b first species to come back after a primary succession disturbance ex. lycans, fungi, bacteria
  3. c an organisms capacity to produce offspring
  4. d fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, farming, a smaller disturbance that only brings an area back to bare soil, not rock
  5. e storms, natural disasters such as volcanoes pr earth quakes. What do these things have in common?

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  1. a statement that does not follow a previos comment
  2. attack the speaker, not the subject/issue
  3. the collective force of limiting factors which together stabilize population size at its carry capacity
  4. to survive a disturbance still intact
  5. organisms that change their environment ex. leaf cutter ants, humans, beavers

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  1. habitatwhere an organism lives


  2. ecosystema fundamental system consisting of a community, its nonliving environment, and the interrupt


  3. frontier sciencenovel hypotheses that are not yet widely tested


  4. scientific methoda formalized method for testing ideas with observations that involves several assumptions and a more or less consistant series of steps


  5. Biological evolutionan organisms capacity to produce offspring


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