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  1. carrying capacity (k)
  2. ecosystem
  3. habitat
  4. fundamental niche
  5. frontier science
  1. a a fundamental system consisting of a community, its nonliving environment, and the interrupt
  2. b novel hypotheses that are not yet widely tested
  3. c where an organism lives
  4. d how much space could a species inhabit and survive
  5. e an environments ability to sustain a population (food, water, space, mates,etc), leads to a logistic curve (s curve)

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  1. geographic rift causing a break in a population allowing two new species to emerge from the one older one
  2. a close relationship, either parasitism or mutualism
  3. when a species dies and can't be found anywhere else
  4. oppurtunists, high biotic potential (high r), little parental care, high mortality rate, many offspring, generalist niches, poor competitors, good colonizers
  5. explanation of unchanging patterns that are tested and can be changed

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  1. finite rate of increase (lambda)rate with unlimited resources, exponential growth, J curve ex. yeast


  2. Red Queen Hypothesisa species that has an especially far-reaching effect on a community


  3. stabilizingnormal bell curve, middle survive the best


  4. resilienceto bounce back quickly after being harmed by a disturbance


  5. scientific methodwhen a species dies and can't be found anywhere else


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