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  1. fundamental niche
  2. keystone species
  3. k-selected species
  4. density-independent factors
  5. sympatric speciation
  1. a a species that has an especially far-reaching effect on a community
  2. b storms, natural disasters such as volcanoes pr earth quakes. What do these things have in common?
  3. c genetic mutations that occur in a population
  4. d competitors, low biotic potential (low r), more parental care, lower mortality rate, long gestation ad few larger offspring, specialist niches, good competitors, poor colonizers
  5. e how much space could a species inhabit and survive

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  1. novel hypotheses that are not yet widely tested
  2. narrow, confined conditions and organism needs to survive i.e. koala bear
  3. the collective force of limiting factors which together stabilize population size at its carry capacity
  4. an organisms capacity to produce offspring
  5. geographic rift causing a break in a population allowing two new species to emerge from the one older one

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  1. scientific theorypatterns observed in nature that never change


  2. disruptivethe extremes are favored for survival of the species (speciation)


  3. scientific lawexplanation of unchanging patterns that are tested and can be changed


  4. Fredrick Clements"Communities are cohesive entities" the super organism


  5. intrinsic rate of growth (r)an environments ability to sustain a population (food, water, space, mates,etc), leads to a logistic curve (s curve)


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