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  1. secondary succession
  2. habitat
  3. anecdotal evidence
  4. age (stage) structure
  5. scientific law
  1. a patterns observed in nature that never change
  2. b the relative number of organisms of each age within a population
  3. c fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, farming, a smaller disturbance that only brings an area back to bare soil, not rock
  4. d where an organism lives
  5. e isolated stories or experiences

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  1. something that looks similar and capable of breeding
  2. process of creating a new species from an older species
  3. to survive a disturbance still intact
  4. type of adaption when a species moves to either one extreme or the other
  5. when one species is benefited while the other feels no effect whatsoever

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  1. environmental sciencethe study of how the world works


  2. environmental resistancethe study of how the world works


  3. pioneer speciesa species that has an especially far-reaching effect on a community


  4. symbiosisa close relationship, either parasitism or mutualism


  5. allopatric speciationgeographic rift causing a break in a population allowing two new species to emerge from the one older one


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