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  1. elucidate
  2. amorphous
  3. buoyant
  4. languid
  5. infallible
  1. a shapeless, having no definite form
  2. b slow, sluggish, listless, weak
  3. c incapable of error
  4. d to make clear, to explain
  5. e capable of floating, cheerful

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  1. to persuade with deliberate flattery, to coax, to wheedle
  2. lacking significance, meaning, or point; silly, insipid
  3. wealth, affluence, abundance
  4. slanting, indirect, evasive, devious, misleading
  5. arrogant, excessively proud and vain

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  1. acrimoniouscaustic


  2. calamitysavagery


  3. fluorishto thrive, to grow well


  4. malicedesire to harm others


  5. amenableopen to or willing to follow advice or suggestion, tractable, malleable


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