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  1. calamity
  2. debase
  3. impervious
  4. ameliorate
  5. haughty
  1. a to reduce in dignity or quality
  2. b to make better, to relieve, to improve
  3. c incapable of being entered or penetrated, not capable of being damaged
  4. d a serious event causing distress or misfortune
  5. e arrogant, excessively proud and vain

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. slow, sluggish, listless, weak
  2. wealth, affluence, abundance
  3. lasting a short period of time, fleeting
  4. capable of floating, cheerful
  5. showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant

5 True/False Questions

  1. effaceto erase, to wear away


  2. inaneto reduce in dignity or quality


  3. elucidateto make clear, to explain


  4. indolencewealth, affluence, abundance


  5. acrimoniouscaustic


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