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  1. federal reserve act
  2. ninetenth admendment
  3. sherman antitrust act/clayton antitrust act
  4. square deal
  5. eightenth admendment
  1. a admendment taht says it is illegal to make, transport, or sell alcohol in the U.S. also known as the prohibition law
  2. b these joined together as one of the governments chief weapons against trusts
  3. c 1913 congress passed this to regulate banking
  4. d Theodore Roosevelt's moto. Fair and equal treatment for all
  5. e admendment that allowed women suffrage

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  1. the novel teh jungle was written by upton sinclair. in the novel he decribed the horrors of the meat packing industry in chicago
  2. admendment that gave direct election of senetors
  3. in 1883 congrees passed the pendleton act which established the civil service commision to set up competitive examinations for federal jobs
  4. first black to receive doctorate degree from harvard. fought against racial discrimination
  5. passed in 1906 requiring accurate labeling of food and medicine and banning the sale of harmful food

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  1. gentlemans agreementa authorized this in 1907 to restrict Japanese immigration to the us


  2. federal trade commissionin 1914 congress established this to investigate corporations for unfair trade practices


  3. trustbustersomeone who breaks up a trust into smaller companies


  4. interstate commerse commisionsupervised the railroad industry and later the trucking industry


  5. conservationsomeone who breaks up a trust into smaller companies


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