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  1. sympathy
  2. psychotherapist
  3. Dolka
  4. paraphrasing
  5. counselee
  1. a the individual seeking assistance and guidance
  2. b expressing a thought or idea in an alternate and sometimes shorter form
  3. c sincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss
  4. d disenfranchised - not openly socially sanctioned or publically shared
  5. e helps patients to resolve complex issues thru psychotherapy

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  1. an emotion or set of emotions due to a loss
  2. -may understand that death is final but may not accept it as something that happens to everyone
    -often personify death (bogeyman)
  3. life events and minor hassles that exert pressure and strain
  4. a learned emotional response to death related phenomena which is characterized by extreme apprehension
  5. an adjustment process that involves grief or sorrow over a period of time that helps in the reorganization of the life an indivdual following a loss or death of someone loved

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  1. psychotherapyhelps patients to resolve complex issues thru psychotherapy


  2. Grief workan emotion or set of emotions due to a loss


  3. bereavementthe ability to communicate the belief that everyone possesses the capacity and right to choose alternatives and make decisions


  4. delayed grief(Worden) inhibited, supressed, or postponed response to a loss


  5. Birth to 3 yearsno comprehension; react to persons around them


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