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  1. psychology
  2. Karl Rogers
  3. pre-need counseling
  4. empathy
  5. Dolka
  1. a Client/person-centered counseling vs. non-directive counseling
    1. client/person centered - refers to the type of counseling where one comes actively and voluntarily to gain help on a problem, without any notion of surrendering his own responsibility of a situation
    2. non-directive (humanistic) - method of counseling which stresses the inherent worth of the client and the natural capacity for growth and health
  2. b that counseling which occurs before death
  3. c the study of human behavior
  4. d disenfranchised - not openly socially sanctioned or publically shared
  5. e (Alan Wolfelt) the ability to enter into and share the feelings of others

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  1. blame directed towards one's self, based on real or unreal conditions
  2. Two factory theory (2 factors motivate)
    1. Job satisfaction - happy and productive
    2. Job dissatisfaction - poor workers
  3. expressing a thought or idea in an alternate and sometimes shorter form
  4. cause, investigation and interrogation, severity of loss, relational problems
  5. the ability to communicate the belief that everyone possesses the capacity and right to choose alternatives and make decisions

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  1. regressive behaviorthoughts or actions typical of early life stages, e.g. infancy, childhood. A defense mechanism of regression rather than handling unacceptable impulses in a more adult way


  2. Attachment Theorythe study of death


  3. chronic griefexcessive in duration and never comes to satisfactory conclusion


  4. psychotherapyintervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians in this field of work with deeper levels of consciousness


  5. Howard W. StoneABC Method of Crisis Intervention- for mass disaters
    1. Acheiving contact or establishing a counseling relationship with people in crisis
    2. Boiling down the problem to its essentials
    3. Coping with the problem


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