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  1. frustration
  2. empathy
  3. paraphrasing
  4. 5-9 years old
  5. guilt
  1. a expressing a thought or idea in an alternate and sometimes shorter form
  2. b -may understand that death is final but may not accept it as something that happens to everyone
    -often personify death (bogeyman)
  3. c (Alan Wolfelt) the ability to enter into and share the feelings of others
  4. d blame directed towards one's self, based on real or unreal conditions
  5. e the state of being prevented from attaining a purpose
    -thwarted, the blocking of satisfaction by some kind of obstacle

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  1. (Worden) specialized techniques which are used to help people with complicated grief reactions
  2. a defense mechanism used in grief to return to more familiar and often more primitive modes of coping
  3. mortality, time factors, seasonal influences, racial considerations
  4. a learned emotional response to death related phenomena which is characterized by extreme apprehension
  5. the act or event of separation or loss that results in the experience of grief

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  1. Grollmandisenfranchised - not openly socially sanctioned or publically shared


  2. mourningan adjustment process that involves grief or sorrow over a period of time that helps in the reorganization of the life an indivdual following a loss or death of someone loved


  3. genuinenessthe act or event of separation or loss that results in the experience of grief


  4. psychologistthe study of human behavior


  5. psychotherapyhelps patients to resolve complex issues thru psychotherapy


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