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  1. stress
  2. respect
  3. living will
  4. William Worden
  5. Alan Wolfelt
  1. a life events and minor hassles that exert pressure and strain
  2. b Tasks of Mourning - empowers the bereaved to take an active role in their recovery rather than go through the passive stages of greif:
    1. to accept reality of loss-overcome denial
    2. to experience the pain of grief and to express the emotion associated with it
    3. to adjust to the enviroment in which the deceased is missing
    4. to withdrawl emotional energy and re-invest in another relationship (hobby, work, school, etc)
  3. c the ability to communicate the belief that everyone possesses the capacity and right to choose alternatives and make decisions
  4. d Developing Interpersonal Skills (for sucessful Funeral services)
    1. Phases of acquiring new interpersonal skills:
    -initial learning
    -uncomfortable use
    -consciously skilled
    -naturally skilled
    2. Essential Skills - attending or listening, paraphrasing, clarifying, perception checking, leading the discussion, questioning, reflected feelings, informing, summarizing
  5. e a document which governs the witholding or withdrawl of life-sustaining treatment from an individual in the event of an incurable or irreversible condition that will cause death within a relatively short time and which such a person is no longer able to make decisions regarding his or her medical treatment

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  1. some circumstances may heighten the need for crisis intervention counseling
    1. suicide
    2. homicide
    3. SIDS
    4. Euthanasia
    5. Disaster
  2. intervention with people whose needs are so specific that usually they can only be met by specially trained physicians in this field of work with deeper levels of consciousness
  3. thoughts or actions typical of early life stages, e.g. infancy, childhood. A defense mechanism of regression rather than handling unacceptable impulses in a more adult way
  4. (William Worden) specialized techniques which are used to help people with complicated grief reactions
  5. sincere feelings for the person who is trying to adjust to a serious loss

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  1. Grief workan emotion or set of emotions due to a loss


  2. 3-5 years old-unable to understand the finality of death
    -death is like sleep or taking a long journey


  3. counseleethe individual seeking assistance and guidance


  4. phobiaan exaggerated and persistent fear of dread of, or aversion to any specified type of object, stimulus or situation


  5. frustrationa defense mechanism used in grief to return to more familiar and often more primitive modes of coping


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