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  1. regale
  2. quasi
  3. recapitulate
  4. sacrosanct
  5. perfunctory
  1. a extremely holy
  2. b to delight with something pleasing or amusing
  3. c done without care; in a routine fashion
  4. d to summarize; to repeat briefly
  5. e resembling; seeming; half

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  1. to make an excuse for
  2. complaining; grumbling
  3. having a negative effect; insulting
  4. to move in a backward direction
  5. difficult to understand; profound

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  1. perspicacitykeenness of judgement


  2. sagaciouswise; having keen perception and sound judgement


  3. salaciouswise; having keen perception and sound judgement


  4. rebuketo scold; to blame


  5. quidditya puzzling situation; a dilemma


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