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  1. recondite
  2. pedestrian
  3. quasi
  4. sagacious
  5. sadistic
  1. a wise; having keen perception and sound judgement
  2. b difficult to understand; profound
  3. c a person or thing said to be ordinary or dull
  4. d resembling; seeming; half
  5. e deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others

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  1. to withdraw or disavow a statement or opinion
  2. to read carefully; scrutinize
  3. an essential quality
  4. complaining; grumbling
  5. obscene; lusty

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  1. regaleto delight with something pleasing or amusing


  2. quandarya swamp; a difficult or inextricable situation


  3. recapitulateto retreat; to draw back


  4. perfunctorydone without care; in a routine fashion


  5. rebuketo scold; to blame


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