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  1. haggard
  2. adulation
  3. jubilation
  4. dejected
  5. ascetic
  1. a careworn; gaunt
  2. b rejoicing
  3. c excessive praise; flattery
  4. d shunning pleasures; self-denying
    a person who shuns pleasure
  5. e sad; in low spirits; depressed

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  1. showing deep regret and sorrow for wrongdoing; deeply penitent; repentant
  2. chubby and innocent looking; like a cherub (angel in the form of a child)
  3. seek to gain favor by flattery
  4. wok oneself into favor
  5. regret; remorse; misgiving; qualm

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  1. pathosarousing pity


  2. jocundmoody; gloomy; dour


  3. glumcharacterized by festivity


  4. complacentregret; remorse; misgiving; qualm


  5. obsequiousplump and attractive


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