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  1. complacent
  2. pensive
  3. plight
  4. fulsome
  5. ascetic
  1. a self-satisfied
  2. b unfortunate state; predicament
  3. c offensive because of insincerity; repulsive; disgusting
  4. d shunning pleasures; self-denying
    a person who shuns pleasure
  5. e thoughtful in a sad way; melancholy

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  1. painfully touching; piercing
  2. moody; gloomy; dour
  3. persuade by pleasant words; wheedle
  4. slavish follower
  5. stave of overwhelming joy; rapture

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  1. patheticshunning pleasures; self-denying
    a person who shuns pleasure


  2. obsequiousperfect happiness


  3. burlyshort and fat


  4. pathosquality in events or in art (literature, music, etc.) that arouses our pity


  5. disgruntledsubmit servilely to a superior


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