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  1. Contralateral
  2. Choroid Plexuses
  3. Cranial Nerves
  4. Dura Mater
  5. Sagittal Sections
  1. a The networks of capillaries that protrude into the ventricles from the pia mater and continuously produce cerebrospinal fluid
  2. b The 12 pairs of nerves extending from the brain (e.g., the optic nerves, the olfactor nerves, and the vagus nerves)
  3. c The tough outer meninx
  4. d Any slices of brain tissue cut in plane that is parallel to the side of the brain
  5. e Projecting from one side of the body to the other

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  1. The two ventral arms of the spinal gray matter
  2. A neural stain that completely darkens a few of the neurons in each slice of tissue, thereby revealing their silhouettes
  3. Glial cells that respond to injury or disease by engulfing cellular debris and triggering inflammatory responses
  4. Large multipolar cortical neurons with a pyramid-shaped cell body, an apical dendrite, and a very long axon
  5. Those nuclei of the thalamus whose main function is the relay sensory signals to the appropriate areas of cortex

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  1. SulciThe DNA-containing structures of cells; also, clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the central nervous system


  2. GangliaA fatty insulating substance found in the extensions of glial cells


  3. Somatic Nervous System (SNS)The portion of the nervous system outside the skull and spine


  4. TractsLarge, star-shaped glial cells that play a role in the passage of chemicals from the blood into CNS neurons and perform several other important functions that are not yet well understood


  5. Pia MaterPortions of the nervous system that are white because they are composed largely of myelinated axons


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