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  1. Superior
  2. Cross Section
  3. Somatic Nervous System (SNS)
  4. Astrocytes
  5. Cerebral Ventricles
  1. a Large, star-shaped glial cells that play a role in the passage of chemicals from the blood into CNS neurons and perform several other important functions that are not yet well understood
  2. b Section cut at a right angle to any long, narrow structure of the CNS
  3. c Toward the top of the primate head
  4. d The four CSF-filled internal chambers of the brain: the two lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, and the fourth ventricle
  5. e The part of the peripheral nervous system that interacts with the external environment

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  1. Clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system
  2. A structure of the medial temporal lobes that plays a role in memory for spatial location
  3. Projecting from one side of the body to the other
  4. The colorless fluid that fills the subarchanoid space, the central canal, and the cerebral ventricles
  5. The delicate, innermost meninx

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  1. MeningesToward the midline of the body of a vertebrate


  2. Bipolar NeuronA neuron with two processes extending from its cell body


  3. Choroid PlexusesThe networks of capillaries that protrude into the ventricles from the pia mater and continuously produce cerebrospinal fluid


  4. Blood-Brain BarrierThe part of the brain on which the cerebral hemispheres rest; in general, it regulates reflex activities that are critical for survival


  5. SulciSmall furrows in a convoluted cortex


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