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  1. Electron Microscopy
  2. Oligodendrocytes
  3. Efferent Nerves
  4. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
  5. Nuclei
  1. a The portion of the nervous system outside the skull and spine
  2. b The DNA-containing structures of cells; also, clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the central nervous system
  3. c Glial cells that myelinate axons of the central nervous system; also known as oligodendroglia
  4. d Nerves that carry motor signals from the central nervous system to the skeletal muscles or internal organs.
  5. e A neuroanatomical technique used to study the fine details of cellular structure

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  1. The large two-lobed diencephalic structure that constitutes the anterior end of the brain stem; may of its nuclei are sensory relay nuclei that project to the cortex
  2. Neurons with short axons or no axons at all, whose function is to integrate neural activity within a single brain structure
  3. The part of the peripheral nervous system that interacts with the external environment
  4. Section cut at a right angle to any long, narrow structure of the CNS
  5. Toward the top of the primate head

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  1. Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)The part of the peripheral nervous system that participates in the regulation of the body's internal environment


  2. Pituitary GlandThe gland that dangles from, and is controlled by, the hypothalamus


  3. Nissl StainA neural stain that has an affinity for structures in neuron cell bodies


  4. Hypothalamusthe diencephalic structure that sits just below the anterior portion of the thalamus; it plays a role in motivated behaviors, in part by controlling the pituitary gland


  5. PosteriorToward the top of the primate head


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