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  1. Cross Section
  2. Ipsilateral
  3. Distal
  4. Microglia
  5. Central Nervous System (CNS)
  1. a The portion of the nervous system within the skull and spine
  2. b Glial cells that respond to injury or disease by engulfing cellular debris and triggering inflammatory responses
  3. c Section cut at a right angle to any long, narrow structure of the CNS
  4. d On the same side of the body
  5. e Farther from the central core of the body

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  1. The small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord
  2. Toward the midline of the body of a vertebrate
  3. The DNA-containing structures of cells; also, clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the central nervous system
  4. Nerves that carry motor signals from the central nervous system to the skeletal muscles or internal organs.
  5. Several classes of nonneural cells of the nervous system, whose important contributions to nervous system function are just starting to be understood

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  1. Frontal SectionsAny slices of brain tissue cut in a plan that is parallel to the the top of the brain.


  2. OligodendrocytesGlial cells that myelinate axons of the central nervous system; also known as oligodendroglia


  3. Dorsal HornsToward the tail end of a vertebrate or toward the back of the head


  4. ProximalToward the midline of the body of a vertebrate


  5. ContralateralProjecting from one side of the body to the other


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