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Chapter 3: Anatomy of the Nervous System Test

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  1. Decussate
  2. Efferent Nerves
  3. Meninges
  4. Dorsal
  5. Ventral
  1. a Toward the chest surface of a vertebrate or toward the bottom of the head
  2. b Toward the surface of the back of a vertebrate or toward the top of the head
  3. c To cross over to the other side of the brain
  4. d The three protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord
  5. e Nerves that carry motor signals from the central nervous system to the skeletal muscles or internal organs.

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  1. The small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord
  2. A neuroanatomical technique used to study the fine details of cellular structure
  3. Small star-shaped cortical interneurons
  4. The part of the peripheral nervous system that participates in the regulation of the body's internal environment
  5. The functional organization of the neocortex in vertical columns; the cells in each column form a mini-circuit that performs a single function

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  1. ContralateralThe small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord


  2. Frontal SectionsAny slices of brain tissue cut in a plane that is parallel to the face; also termed coronal sections


  3. ThalamusThe large two-lobed diencephalic structure that constitutes the anterior end of the brain stem; may of its nuclei are sensory relay nuclei that project to the cortex


  4. Glial CellsSeveral classes of nonneural cells of the nervous system, whose important contributions to nervous system function are just starting to be understood


  5. MyelinToward the midline of the body of a vertebrate


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