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  1. Ganglia
  2. Gray Matter
  3. Hypothalamus
  4. White Matter
  5. Blood-Brain Barrier
  1. a Clusters of neuronal cell bodies in the peripheral nervous system
  2. b Portions of the nervous system that are white because they are composed largely of myelinated axons
  3. c the diencephalic structure that sits just below the anterior portion of the thalamus; it plays a role in motivated behaviors, in part by controlling the pituitary gland
  4. d The mechanism that keeps certain toxic substances in the blood from passing into brain tissue
  5. e Portions of the nervous system that are gray because they are composed largely of neural cell bodies and unmyelinated interneurons

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  1. The small CSF-filled channel that runs the length of the spinal cord
  2. On the same side of the body
  3. A neural stain that has an affinity for structures in neuron cell bodies
  4. Away from the midline of the body of a vertebrate, toward the body's lateral surfaces
  5. The space beneath the arachnoid membrane, which contains many large blood vessels and cerebrospinal fluid

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  1. Afferent NervesBundles of axons in the peripheral nervous system


  2. Pyramidal CellsLarge multipolar cortical neurons with a pyramid-shaped cell body, an apical dendrite, and a very long axon


  3. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)The portion of the nervous system within the skull and spine


  4. PosteriorToward the nose end of a vertebrate


  5. Multipolar NeuronA neuron with more than two processes extending from its cell body


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