Unit 9 English Vocab

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The teacher decided to _____a corner of the classroom for an exhibition of student science projects


Some of my friends are mentally rather mature for their age; others are of a decidedly _____turn of mind


The Bible tells us that the Lord will _______the wicked, but our student dean is tyring very hard to help out


nothing can arouse ______memories of long ago and far away like an old, well loved song


General Grant accepted Lee's surrender with a quiet dignity, refusing to _______over the defeat of a worthy foe


if you wish to recover quickly, you must not_____in the slightest from the doctors instructions


remembering my old friend as a robust 200 pounder, I was shocked to see how _____he had become during his long illness


my travels have shown me that many exotic foods I once considered disgusting are really quite _____


if you were as ______ in studying foreign affairs as you are in memorizing batting averages you would have known how to reply to her comments on the situation in the Middle East


Under the American system of seperation of powers, no governmtn official or agency can every become _________


as the speakers voice droned on endlessly in the hot, crowded room, i suddenly realized that I hadn't the slightest ______of what he was saying


______is never so bitter as when it arises amoung people who were once close friends


there can be no _______for the pain and suffering that your carelessness has caused me


when he told me that he was reading huckleberry Finn for the 9th time i realized that he was indeed an _______ admirer of the novel


we were fascinated to see the consummate grace and skill with which the _______hands of the old carpenter manipulated his tools


friends and relatives can be counted on the give_____amounts of advice on child rearing to the parents of a new baby


wasn't it rather _____of you to offer the soccer coach adivse on your very first day as a candidate for the team


how can you say that the audiences reaction was ___when the director help up a sign reading "Applause"


somewhere in a ____-pool in the canadian rockies is the large trout that will someday grace the wall of my den


far from being ____-the directors casting choices were based on a solid appreciation of each actors abilities and limitations

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