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  1. Surmise
  2. Millennium
  3. Lassitude
  4. aplomb
  5. callow
  1. a (v.) to think or believe without certain supporting evidence; to conjecture or guess; (n.) likely idea that lacks definite proof
  2. b (n.) weariness of body or mind, lack of energy
  3. c (adj.) without experience; immature, not fully developed; lacking sophistication and poise; without feathers
  4. d (n.) poise, assurance, great self-confidence; perpendicularity
  5. e (n.) a period of one thousand years; a period of great joy

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  1. adj.) strict, severe; rigorously or urgently binding or compelling; sharp or bitter to the taste
  2. (v.) to violate, trespass, go beyond recognized bounds
  3. (v.) to make oneself agreeable and thus gain favor or acceptance by others (sometimes used in a critical or derogatory sense)
  4. (adj.) mysterious, magical, supernatural; secret, hidden from view, not detectable by ordinary means; (v.) to hide, conceal; eclipse; (n.) matters involving the supernatural
  5. (n.) a summary, condensed account; an instance that represents a larger reality

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  1. exhort(v.) to urge strongly, advise earnestly


  2. ameliorate(v.) to improve, make better, correct a flaw or shortcoming


  3. bombastic(v.) to spread through, penetrate, soak through


  4. ex officio(v.) to urge strongly, advise earnestly


  5. Inveigh(v.) to make a violent attack in words, express strong disaproval


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