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  1. Michelangelo
  2. Donatello
  3. Natural Law
  4. Struggle
  5. "Bull"
  1. a _______ sculptured a famous marble statue of David.
  2. b a universal moral law that can be understood by applying reason, first proposed in the 1600s
  3. c _______ was the first sculptor since ancient times to cast a statue in bronze.
  4. d The word Jihad literally means ____
  5. e A document issued by a pope that bans church men from paying taxes to temporal rulers and proclaimed the sovereignty of the chruch

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  1. The Pope is elected by a gathering of these high Church officials known as ...
  2. The spice trade was controlled in Asia and Europe by _______ and _______ merchants.
  3. A tract of land
  4. A _______ is a calling to serve God.
  5. Spartan life revolved around the ...

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  1. Enlightened DespotHe was nicknamed the "divine" by some of his admirers.


  2. FlagellantThis form of literature is known as _____


  3. ElizabethWhen Roman magistrates retired they became members of the _______.


  4. HelotsPeople taken prisoner by the Spartans were known as ...


  5. HippocratesHe is considered the "Father of Modern Medicine"


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