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  1. Civilization
  2. Vocation
  3. Illiad, Odyssey
  4. Polytheistic
  5. Manor
  1. a a career in which people believe themselves to be called on by God to serve God and their neighbors
  2. b The name of the 2 most famous Greek epics are _______ and the _______
  3. c The Sumerians, like the Egyptians, developed a ______ religion.
  4. d An estate which included the lords house, peasants & fields for livestock and crops
  5. e Highly organized society marked by knowledge of a written language, the arts, sciences and government

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  1. Charles Martel was also known as The _______
  2. Mysterious group of people who ruled Northern Italy
  3. A skilled solider who served his lord
  4. public administrative officer who handles local government affairs
  5. Who were the Moors?

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  1. Tours, FranceCharles Martel defended the monastery at ...


  2. Henry VIII_______ was the first to discover that blood circulates throughout the body.


  3. CitizensRoman waste flowed into the _______ river.


  4. MuhammadAccording to Islam, _______ ascended to heaven from the above holy city.


  5. Satirepoking fun at current problems and weaknesses in society


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