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  1. Skraelings
  2. Republic
  3. Vassal
  4. Violent
  5. Mayors of the Palace
  1. a A _______ is a community in which the people elect their leaders.
  2. b A noble who served a lord of the next higher rank was known as a ....
  3. c During the Frankish period these government officials were known as ....
  4. d Name given to the Native Americans by the Vikings
  5. e What was society like in 11th century?

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  1. a universal moral law that can be understood by applying reason, first proposed in the 1600s
  2. _______ established the most powerful and influential reform group in the city of Geneva.
  3. means giving a specific percentage of your earnings to your local mosque or community in the Islamic faith.
  4. _______ was a swiss priest who led the Protestant movement in Switzerland.
  5. A person who is not a Christian or does not believe in religion

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  1. Medici_______ is the birthplace of democracy.


  2. DraftDepth of a vessel's keen below the water


  3. Polis_______ vowed (and did) convert to Catholicism if he was victorious in battle.


  4. FrescoThe Emperor _______ blamed the Christians for the Roman fire.


  5. Missi DominiciThe Muslim Leader _______ united Muslim forces and then captured Jerusalem.


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