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  1. Forum
  2. Inquisition
  3. Religion
  4. Investiture
  5. Seminary
  1. a The _______ was a Church court based in Italy to find, try, and judge heretics.
  2. b These laws (12 Tables) were displayed in the _______ for all to see.
  3. c Formal instillation of someone in public office
  4. d A _______ is a training school for the proper education of priests.
  5. e What is the key driving force behind the Crusades?

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  1. Roman waste flowed into the _______ river.
  2. The _______ emerged as the strongest Germanic group during the 400sAD
  3. When Roman magistrates retired they became members of the _______.
  4. The Pope is elected by a gathering of these high Church officials known as ...
  5. Those people who took part in government were known as .....

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  1. John TetzelHe also established the _______ a church council of 12 elders.


  2. Da GamaIn Portugal, _______ was regarded as a national hero because he had pioneered a water route to India.


  3. MythWhat according to Galileo is the book of nature written in?


  4. SonnetsPetrarch wrote 366 short poems or _______


  5. Vocationa career in which people believe themselves to be called on by God to serve God and their neighbors


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