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  1. Vocation
  2. 12 Tables
  3. 3 Field System
  4. Republic
  5. China
  1. a What modern country is the Huang River Valley located in?
  2. b A _______ is a calling to serve God.
  3. c The first source of Roman Law was the _______
  4. d A community that elects its leaders is known as a ....
  5. e Another improvement in agriculture was the way farmers planted their fields. This new improved system was called the ....

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  1. The world's largest muslim community lives in
  2. In the 1400s Florence came under the rule of the rule of the _______ family.
  3. According to Islam, _______ ascended to heaven from the above holy city.
  4. The 2 holiest cities for Muslims are ...
  5. In an _______, (a system of govt.) a few wealthy people hold power over a larger group of citizens.

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  1. CivilizationsEarly agricultural villages eventually evolved into complex societies known as ___________


  2. ExcommunicationThose people who challenged the Churches teachings were threatened with _______ or expulsion from the church.


  3. PolisThe basic political unit of Hellenic civilization


  4. GromaDepth of a vessel's keen below the water


  5. CondottieriThese hired soldiers were known as _______.


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