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  1. Henry VIII
  2. Tigris, Euphrates
  3. Patricians
  4. A-Viking
  5. Plebians
  1. a The most powerful Tudor Monarch was ...
  2. b The earliest cities that archaeologists have discovered lie in the valley of the _______ river and ________ river.
  3. c Wealthy latin nobles
  4. d The majority of Rome's inhabitants were
  5. e In medieval Scandinavia to fight or to be a warrior was known as to go ...

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  1. During the scientific revolution most knowledge about anatomy had come from the work of _______, an ancient roman.
  2. Roman law was displayed to the public in the ...
  3. The Greek kings eventually lost power to the _______, the landholding nobles.
  4. _______ a french philosopher and mathematician believed that the truth must be only reached by reason.
  5. Roman waste flowed into the _______ river.

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  1. TotalitarianismThe majority of Rome's inhabitants were


  2. Tours, FranceCharles Martel defended the monastery at ...


  3. ConsistoryThe Sumerians invented the oldest known form of writing ________


  4. FriarsThis Frankish king converted to Catholicism after he was victorious in battle


  5. Lay InvestiturePope Gregory criticized the practice of _______ in which secular rulers gave the symbols of office to the bishops they had appointed.


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