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  1. Fief
  2. A-Viking
  3. Natural Law
  4. King Richard I
  5. Catacombs
  1. a to fight as a pirate or warrior
  2. b To raise capital (money) for his military enterprises Charles Martel gave tracts of land called _______ to warriors.
  3. c a universal moral law that can be understood by applying reason, first proposed in the 1600s
  4. d To avoid persecution, Christians worshiped in _______.
  5. e _______ signed a truce with the Muslims.

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  1. People who beat themselves with sticks and whips
  2. _______ _______ led the successful defense of the monastery at _______ _______.
  3. a long, narrow, often deep inlet form the sea between steep cliffs and slopes.
  4. In the late 1400s Spain ended a long period of internal turmoil and wars against the Moors.
  5. What according to Galileo is the book of nature written in?

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  1. Denmark, Finland, Sweden, NorwayName the 4 countries that make up Scandinavia


  2. PatriciansThe majority of Rome's inhabitants were ...


  3. ExcommunicationThose people who challenged the Churches teachings were threatened with _______ or expulsion from the church.


  4. DraftWhat age did a nobleman's son begin training for knighthood?


  5. CitizensThe Greeks learned about coined money from the ...


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