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  1. Pope Urban II
  2. English Channel
  3. Pagan
  4. Plebians
  5. Praetors
  1. a Roman magistrates who interpreted the law were known as _______.
  2. b The majority of Rome's inhabitants were ...
  3. c At Clermont France, _______ called for the First Crusade.
  4. d non-religious
  5. e For security, the English relied on the _______ to protect their island from European invaders.

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  1. Means "God Wills It"
  2. After decades of struggle the Romans finally agreed to engrave the law onto bronze tablets known as the .....
  3. Name the 4 countries that make up Scandinavia
  4. Mysterious group of people who ruled Northern Italy
  5. Renaissance movement influenced by ancient Greek and Roman literature that emphasized nonreligious concerns.

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  1. ForumRoman law was displayed to the public in the ...


  2. ArtisanChurch ceremonies, masses, were said in _______ a language that few people understood.


  3. RhetoricA community that elects its leaders is known as a ....


  4. HumanistsDuring the Middle Ages the Economic system was known as .....


  5. Vesuviouspoking fun at current problems and weaknesses in society


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