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  1. Forum
  2. Frankish
  3. Tigris, Euphrates
  4. Each one had their own "Coat of Arms"
  5. A-Viking
  1. a These laws (12 Tables) were displayed in the _______ for all to see.
  2. b Charlemagne ruled the _____ Kingdom
  3. c The earliest cities that archaeologists have discovered lie in the valley of the _______ river and ________ river.
  4. d How did the knights identify themselves?
  5. e In medieval Scandinavia to fight or to be a warrior was known as to go ...

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  1. The Pope is elected by a gathering of these high Church officials known as ...
  2. 4 Major River Valleys?
  3. The Greek kings eventually lost power to the _______, the landholding nobles.
  4. Innocent III convened a council which laid down strict rules for stopping _______ or denial of the Church teachings.
  5. Pope Paul III organized a council of bishops in 1545 which became known as the ....

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  1. Boyle_______ was responsible for establishing chemistry as a pure science.


  2. Henry VIIIThe most powerful Tudor Monarch was ...


  3. HammerCharles Martel was also known as The _______


  4. ArchaeologistGreek kings lost power to landholding ....


  5. AnabaptistsEurope centered around a system of agricultural production known as _______.


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