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  1. Seljuk Turks
  2. Salon
  3. Vatican City
  4. Zakat
  5. Each one had their own "Coat of Arms"
  1. a The _______ were Muslim people from Central Asia.
  2. b The Roman Catholic Church has its heart in Rome's ....
  3. c means giving a specific percentage of your earnings to your local mosque or community in the Islamic faith.
  4. d How did the knights identify themselves?
  5. e gathering of intellectuals during the Enlightenment to discuss philosophies and to engage in conversation.

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  1. _______ a french philosopher and mathematician believed that the truth must be only reached by reason.
  2. Greek kings lost power to landholding ....
  3. The Muslim Leader _______ united Muslim forces and then captured Jerusalem.
  4. _______ was a swiss priest who led the Protestant movement in Switzerland.
  5. Muslims fast during the month of

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  1. OligarchyIn an _______, (a system of govt.) a few wealthy people hold power over a larger group of citizens.


  2. Galileo_______ is the birthplace of democracy.


  3. ExcommunicationCircling the globe is also known as ...


  4. Pope Urban IIThe most powerful Tudor Monarch was ...


  5. Treaty of TordesillasCharlemagne's three grandsons signed the _______ _______ _______ to divide the Carolingian Empire.


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