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  1. tener hambre
  2. a ciegas
  3. tan pronto como
  4. no cabe duda
  5. tener dolor de (cabeza, dientes, etíc.)
  1. a There's no room for doubt
  2. b to be hungry
  3. c as soon as
  4. d blindly
  5. e to have a (headache, toothache, etí.)

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  1. to sleep like a log
  2. There is no other solution
  3. to get along well/poorly with
  4. to rely on
  5. (someone) to be hot (cold)

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  1. a eso deto have to


  2. pedir prestadoto borrow


  3. estar harto deto be fed up with


  4. tener buena (mala) carato have the floor


  5. caerse muertoto drop dead


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