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  1. a fines de
  2. caer en cuenta
  3. tener buena (mala) cara
  4. no cabe duda
  5. así que
  1. a There's no room for doubt
  2. b to look good (bad)
  3. c so, therefore
  4. d at the end of
  5. e to realize

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  1. to have to do with
  2. hardly
  3. to look like
  4. this way
  5. to have a (headache, toothache, etí.)

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  1. cumplir con su deberto keep one's word


  2. oír hablar deto hear about


  3. cuándowhen


  4. llevar a caboto carry out, to accomplish, to finish


  5. tener deseos deto be afraid of


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