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  1. tener ___ años
  2. cuándo
  3. tener ganas de
  4. cumplir con su palabra
  5. tener que ver con
  1. a to keep one's word
  2. b to feel like, to have an urge to
  3. c to be ___ years old
  4. d to have to do with
  5. e when

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  1. hardly
  2. to be careful
  3. to be worthwhile, to be worth the trouble
  4. There is no other solution
  5. to regain consciousness

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  1. pagar al contado/en efectivoas soon as


  2. tocarle a unoto be one's turn


  3. tener la palabrato have the floor


  4. no cabe dudaThere's no room for doubt


  5. tener prisato be calm


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