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"tener" to expressions with "a" Test

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  1. tener la culpa de
  2. cuándo
  3. tener vergüenza (de)
  4. no hay remedio
  5. tener deseos de
  1. a to be ashamed (of)
  2. b when
  3. c to be to blame for
  4. d to have a desire to
  5. e There is no other solution

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  1. to stop kidding
  2. to keep one's word
  3. to be careful
  4. it's hard to believe
  5. at the end of

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  1. tener cara deto feel like, to have an urge to


  2. caerle bien/mal ato be well (unfavorably) received


  3. tener ganas deto look like


  4. dormir a pierna sueltato sleep like a log


  5. volver en síto regain consciousness


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