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  1. cerebral palsy
  2. AD
  3. meningocele
  4. ganglion(pl. ganglia)
  5. afferent
  1. a condition characterized by lack of muscle control and partial paralysis, caused by a brain defect or lesion present at birth or shortly after
  2. b conveying toward a center (for example, afferent nerves carry impulses to the central nervous system)
  3. c protrusion of the meninges (through a defect in the skull of vertebral arch)
  4. d group of nerve cell bodies located outside the central nervous system
  5. e Alzheimer disease

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  1. injury to the brain caused by major or minor head trauma; symptoms include vertigo, headache, and possible loss of consciousness.
  2. disease of the nerve roots
  3. tumor composed of developing glial tissue (the most malignant and most common primary tumor of the brain)
  4. an eating disorder characterized by uncontrolled binge eating followed by purging (induced vomiting)
  5. multiple sclerosis

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  1. esthesi/osensation, sensitivity, feeling


  2. myel/ospinal cord


  3. phobiaa marked and persistent fear that is excessive or unreasonable cued by the presence or anticipation of a specific situation or object (such as claustrophobia, the abnormal fear of being in enclosed spaces)


  4. encephal/ospeech


  5. radic/o, radicul/o, rhiz/onerve root (proximal end of a peripheral nerve, closest to the spinal cord)


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