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  1. panic attack
  2. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  3. iatry
  4. anesthesia
  5. neuroma
  1. a a disorder of learning and behavioral problems characterized by marked inattention, distractability, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity
  2. b an episode of sudden onset of acute anxiety, occurring unpredictably, with feelings of acute apprehension, dyspnea, dizziness, sweating, and/or chest pain, depersonalization, paresthesia and fear of dying, loss of mind or control
  3. c without (loss of) feeling or sensation
  4. d treatment, specialty
  5. e tumor made up of nerve (cells)

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  1. specialist of the mind
  2. fainting or sudden loss of consciousness caused by lack of blood supply to the cerebrum
  3. a nerve cell that conducts nerve impulses to carry out the function of the nervous system. Destroyed neurons cannot be replaced.
  4. bleeding caused by a ruptured blood vessel just outside the brain (usually a ruptured cerebral aneurysm) that rapidly fills the space between the brain and skull (subarachnoid space) with blood. The patient may experience an intense, vomiting, and neck pain (a cause of hemorrhagic stroke)
  5. disorders characterized by physical symptoms for which no known physical cause exists

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  1. poliomyelitisinflammation of the nerve roots


  2. pia matertough outer layer of the meninges


  3. neur/onerve


  4. medulla oblongatalocated between the pons and spinal cord. It contains centers that control respiration, heart rate, and the muscles in the blood vessel walls, which assist in determining blood pressure.


  5. gliocytea manner or style of walking


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