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  1. unscathed
  2. bore
  3. pending
  4. elongate
  5. hypocrite
  1. a to make longer or extend the length of
  2. b not yet decided or determined
  3. c a wearisome dull person or thing
  4. d not harmed or injured
  5. e a person who expresses feelings or beliefs that he or she really doesn't believe in

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  1. the first presentation of someone or something
  2. not being or acting according to rule
  3. to honor the memory of someone or something
  4. to quarrel in a noisy or an angry way
  5. a period of dryness

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  1. sturdyto keep the temperature just below the boiling point


  2. lubricateto make smooth


  3. eruptthe first presentation of someone or something


  4. alibito think with pleasure about something unfortunate that happened to someone else or good that happened to oneself


  5. vastextremely large


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