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  1. Rhomboids Muscles
  2. Infraspinatus and teres minor
  3. Latissimus Dorsi muscle
  4. Pronator Teres Muscle
  5. Brachioradialis muscle
  1. a
    O- Spinous Process of C7-T5
    I-Medial border of scapula
    A-Adduction and Downward rotation of Scapula
    Ex- Chins and dips
  2. b
    O-Posterior crest of ilium,back of sacrum and spinous processes of T6-T12, and under 3 ribs
    I- Medial side of the intertubercular groove of humerus
    A-Extension, rotation inward, horizontal abduction( extension), adduction
    P- lateral, post of trunk below armpit
    Ex- chinning, dips, rope, uprise mvt
  3. c
    O- Posterior surface of scapula below spine and lateral border
    I- Greater tubercle of humerus on posterior side
    A-Horizontal abduction,outward rotation,extension of shoulder
    P- between scap and humerus on posterior
    Ex- chinning, rope climbing,dips in parallel bars
  4. d
    O- inner condyloid of humerus and medial side of ulna
    I- outer surface of the radius
    A- flexion of elbow and pronation of forearm
  5. e
    O-lower condyloid of humerus
    I- radius at the styloid process
    A- Flexion of elbow, pronation and supination
    P- on lateral side of forearm
    Ex- strong elbow flexor

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  1. O- lateral condyle of humerus
    I- Base of 3rd metacarpal (dorsal surface)
    A- Extension of wrist and extension

  2. O- Front 1/3 of clavicle,border of the acromion, and lower edge of the spine of scapula
    I- Deltoideus tubercle on the middle outer surface of the humerus
    A- Abduction,Flexion, Extension
    P-over head of humerus from ant to post
    Ex- dumbell in hand raise to side

  3. O- lateral condyle of humerus
    I- Base of 5th metacarpal (dorsal surface)
    A- Extension and adduction of wrist, Extension of forearm

  4. O-posterior surface of condyle of humerus
    I-posterior surface of ulna and olecranon
    A- Extension of Elbow
    P- lateral aspect of olecranon
    Ex- pulls synovial membrane of elbow

  5. O- Transverse Process of C4
    I- Medial border of scapula above spine
    A-Elevates scapula
    Ex- Shoulder shrugs

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  1. Triceps Brachii muscle
    O- Long head of scapula, medial head and lateral head of humerus
    I- olecranon proces of ulna
    A- Extension of elbow
    P-post and lateral humerus
    Ex- push ups, dips, pressing barbell upward


  2. Brachialis muscle
    O- lower half of anterior portion of humerous
    I-Coranoid process of ulna
    A- Flexion of elbow
    P-lateral side of upper arm under biceps
    Ex- whenever elbow flexes


  3. Supinator Muscle
    O- outer condyloid of humerus
    I-outer surface of upper radius
    A- supination of elbow
    Ex- turning a screwdriver, throwing baseball


  4. Extensor pollicis longus muscle
    O- posterior surface of ulnar
    I- Base of distal phalax of thumb (dorsal surface)
    A- extension of wrist and thumb


  5. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle
    O- lateral condyle of humerus
    I- Base of 5th metacarpal (dorsal surface)
    A- Extension and adduction of wrist, Extension of forearm


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