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  1. tomar partido
  2. tragar el anzuelo
  3. hecho a mano
  4. emprenderla
  5. estar en el secreto
  1. a to be in on the secret
  2. b to swallow hook, line and sinker
  3. c to set out
  4. d handmade
  5. e to take sides, to take a stand

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  1. to insist
  2. aside from
  3. as if one owned the place
  4. to be better left unsaid
  5. carefully

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  1. mirar poraside from


  2. a rienda sueltaby no means


  3. ni en suenoscarefully


  4. un elefante blancocarefully


  5. mandar a freir esparrgosto be in on the secret


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