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  1. concretarse al tema
  2. con el tiento
  3. emprenderla
  4. estar en el secreto
  5. ni en suenos
  1. a to be in on the secret
  2. b to set out
  3. c to stick to the subject
  4. d carefully
  5. e by no means

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  1. to be better left unsaid
  2. to have a tournament
  3. to be calm
  4. without restraint
  5. to swallow hook, line and sinker

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  1. empenarse ento set out


  2. un elefante blancocarefully


  3. mandar a freir esparrgosto tell someone to jump in a lake


  4. como pedro por su casaas if one owned the place


  5. tener palancato have pull


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