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  1. Propensity
  2. Sedentary
  3. Ominous
  4. Immutability
  5. August
  1. a completely inactive
  2. b marked by majestic dignity
  3. c Unfavorable or threatening
  4. d Permanence
  5. e an often intense preference or natural inclination

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  1. a knight traveling in search of adventures in which to exhibit military skill and prowess.
  2. heavily
  3. something hard to understand or
  4. a sleepwalker
  5. an unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity

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  1. Sentimentalmarked or governed by feeling, sensibility, or emotional idealism


  2. Ungarnishedbare, unadorned


  3. Asceticpracticing strict self-denial as a measure of personal or spiritual discipline


  4. Spectralghostly


  5. Ebban unrestrained indulgence in or outburst of an activity


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