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  1. Ominous
  2. Lurid
  3. Ponderously
  4. Somnambulist
  5. Gauzy
  1. a a sleepwalker
  2. b marked by vagueness, elusiveness, or fuzziness
  3. c Unfavorable or threatening
  4. d of any of several light or medium grayish colors ranging in hue from yellow to orange
  5. e heavily

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  1. practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal or spiritual discipline
  2. Permanence
  3. Water passage where the tide meets the river current
  4. full of meaning, saying much in few words, giving advice
  5. an often intense preference or natural inclination

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  1. Sedentarycompletely inactive


  2. Abominationa thing that causes disgust or hatred


  3. Knight Errantsomething hard to understand or


  4. Augustpsychiatrist (a 19th century term for a medical specialty that was just emerging)


  5. Spreea spar that crosses a fore and aft of a sail diagonally


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