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  1. Posterior Horn
  2. Excitation
  3. Irritabilty
  4. Lower Neuron Lesions (SIGNS)
  5. L2-S5
  1. a caudal equina
  2. b gray matter, butterfly shaped, transmits-sensory
  3. c spreading of an impulse, or action potention, over the muscle fiber membrane from the point of stimulation
  4. d paralysis flaccid, atrophy-marked, hypo reflexesPeripheral
  5. e ability to respond to a stimulus

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  1. Superficial, Lateral, Cross more than 1 joint, mobility, more type 2 fibers, parallel fibers
  2. muscles within or belonging solely to the body part on which they act
  3. muscle shortens; muscle attachements move close together; if movement occuring with gravity, the muscle is overcoming a force greater than the pull of gravity
  4. anterior 1 degree rami of the 1st 4 cervical nerves
    -supplies the anterior neck muscles, diaphragm
    -most important nerver is the phrenic nerve
    -supplies sensation: above & behind ears, anterior neck, chest & shoulders
  5. center for visual reflexes & pons(CNS)

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  1. Fulcruma fixed poing about which the lever rotates


  2. Agonistmuscle used that is responsible for producing a desired motion at a joint AKA prime mover


  3. Dendritesfiber branches that receive impulses from other parts of nervous system & brings them back to nerve cell


  4. Excursion of a muscledistance from maximum elongation to maximum shortenting


  5. Isometricmuscle contraction resulting in no movement of the body part or load


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