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  1. Cerebellum
  2. Crainial Nerves
  3. Midbrain
  4. Fulcrum
  5. Tract
  1. a 12 pairs
    Trigeminal (V)
    Facial (VII)
    Spinal Accessory (XII)
  2. b fuctions for control of muscle coordination, tone, and posture (CNS)
  3. c a fixed poing about which the lever rotates
  4. d center for visual reflexes & pons(CNS)
  5. e groups of mylenated nerve fibers within the CNS that carries specific info from 1 area to another

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  1. distal end of extremity is fixed to a surface
  2. muscles within or belonging solely to the body part on which they act
  3. muscles that arise or orginate outside of the body part on which they act
  4. significance of injury in the brain to the spinal cord
    Examples: spinal cord injuries, MS, Parkinsons, CVA, head injuries(tbi)
  5. distance from maximum elongation to maximum shortenting

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  1. Anterior Horntransmits-motor


  2. Golgi Tendon Organsgray matter, butterfly shaped, transmits-sensory


  3. Elasticityability to respond to a stimulus


  4. Tonic MusclesDeeper, medial, cross one joint, stability, more type 1 fibers, penniform fibers


  5. Dermatomessensory fibers of a spinal nerve (PNS)


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