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  1. Dorsal Root
  2. Tension
  3. Agonist
  4. Mechanical Advantage
  5. Muscle Spindle
  1. a muscle used that is responsible for producing a desired motion at a joint AKA prime mover
  2. b spinal nerve attached to spinal cord
  3. c determined by dividing the length of the force by the length of the resistance arm
  4. d receptor in muscle tissue that monitors changes in the length of a muscle -located between muscle fibers
  5. e force built up within a muscle
    -can contract 1/2 its length

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  1. groups of muscles innervated by a single segment (PNS)
  2. where the muscle ends
  3. long, strap-like (parallel)
  4. 12 pairs
    Trigeminal (V)
    Facial (VII)
    Spinal Accessory (XII)
  5. fibers at an angle to one another

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  1. L2-S5brain, entire spinal cord except anterior horn
    Ex. Think of it like a powerplant


  2. What are the 3 parts?Central Nervous System(CNS), Peripheral Nervous System(PNS), Autonomic Nervous System(ANS)


  3. Medulla Oblongatamuscle fibers running diagonally between several tendons (oblique)


  4. Sarcomerefunctional unit


  5. Midbrainwhere muscles startt


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