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  1. Arachoid
  2. Co-contraction
  3. Upper Moter Neurons
  4. Dorsal Root
  5. Cerebellum
  1. a (syanpse in anterior horn just prior to leaving spinal cord)
    -motors neurons that synapse above this level
  2. b fuctions for control of muscle coordination, tone, and posture (CNS)
  3. c middle layer
  4. d spinal nerve attached to spinal cord
  5. e when the agonist and antagonist contract at the same time

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  1. composed of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates
  2. ability to respond to a stimulus
  3. gray matter, cerebral cortex, central part of spinal cord
  4. muscle used that is responsible for producing a desired motion at a joint AKA prime mover
  5. fast twitch, white in color, sparse with capillaries, fast contraction, fatigue more rapidly, produces large ROM, phasic, built for power

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  1. Intrinsicmuscles within or belonging solely to the body part on which they act


  2. Anterior Horntransmits-motor


  3. Upper Motor Neuron Lesionssignificance of injury in the brain to the spinal cord
    Examples: spinal cord injuries, MS, Parkinsons, CVA, head injuries(tbi)


  4. Excitationwhere the muscle ends


  5. Contractilityability to contract and produce tension


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