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  1. to make boil
  2. What is the expression for when you are having something done, but you are not doing it yourself?
  3. What is the future stem of aller?
  4. a freezer
  5. What are both direct and indirect objects for je, tu nous and vous?
  1. a faire bouillir
  2. b me
  3. c un congélateur
  4. d faire + infinitive
  5. e ir

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  1. un crabe

  2. des pâtes
  3. une recette
  4. Do the assessment questions on the back p 200-201 all
  5. you take the stem or IR, and ER verbs and that is the stem. With RE verbs, you drop the e.

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  1. a round sliceune recette


  2. a red pepper
    un poivron rouge


  3. a potune casserole


  4. a bay leaf
    un laurier


  5. an onion
    Un oignon


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